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The Oklahoma Eagle, in partnership with the University of Maryland Philip Merrill College of Journalism, the School of Journalism & Mass Communication
, University of Wisconsin-Madison, and the “On the Ground Reporting” project, collaboratively instructed participating journalism students through the process of publishing stories that focus on community groups in Tulsa, Oklahoma. The class was led by Maryland associate professor and Washington Post staff writer DeNeen Brown, an Oklahoma native, who teamed with Eagle editors M. David Goodwin and Gary Lee.


"It's Up To Us To Keep The Flame Burning"

JUNE 2021

They say everyone at Booker T. Washington High School knows the rule: Don’t step on the seal.

The giant, orange-and-black hornet emblem is sacred, said Maisha Cazenave, a 1996 graduate of the legendary high school in North Tulsa. Cazenave remembers the drill.

The seal occupies a prime spot in the middle of the school’s front entrance. Those who walked over it when Cazenave, 44, was a student there could end up in one of two places: in a trash can or on top of a vending machine — courtesy of the resident jocks. It was a matter of respect for a school with a legacy of success, she said.

“Everybody knows. You go to Booker T., you're gonna be destined for some form of greatness,” Cazenave said in an interview with the Oklahoma Eagle.

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Dreisen Heath, The Oklahoma Eagle

Dreisen Heath: Human Rights Watch Researcher & Advocate

JULY 2021

Heath's work involves advocating for racial justice issues while applying international human rights law.

In 2021, Heath submitted written testimony to congress titled “Exploring the Path to Reparative Justice in America.” One of her recent projects, “The Case for Reparations in Tulsa” focused on the conditions of inequality for residents of that community stemming from the 1921 Tulsa Race Massacre.

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918: Dennis Delemar 

The Oklahoma Eagle is excited to publish a new edition of its 918 Series, a brief Q&A with Tulsans who share their passions and invest in our shared communities. As the title suggests, the series will feature the responses to a mix of nine entertaining and thoughtful questions and one highly personal/serious question, all within eight minutes. This week we feature a conversation between University of Maryland student journalist Dorvall Bedford and the Greenwood Film Festival’s Dennis Delemar.

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Longtime Tulsa educator pushes back against book bans

Across the nation, state legislatures are banning books about Black, Latino and LGBTQ history.

Critical Race Theory:  Why it still matters in Oklahoma

Gov. Kevin Stitt sat upright in his commanding, black chair as he began his address to the people of Oklahoma about a new bill – that was celebrated by a near majority of the state’s white lawmakers  and criticized by others as anti-racist – he had just signed into law. The red tie around his neck was nearly identical to the nation’s flag—red, a color often symbolic of strength and valor. 

Dreisen Heath, The Oklahoma Eagle

918: Dreisen Heath

Our 918 column this week features a conversation with writer and reporter Madison Wells-James and racial justice researcher and human rights advocate for the Human Rights Watch, Dreisen Heath.