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A collection series of art curated by Black Pearl Diamonds Publishing in association with The Greenwood Gallery.


CNOTE RS WILSON, curator, author, poet, writer, actor, lyricist, music producer, and publisher is bringing a collection of art, bridging generations of abstract media to tell the story of lineage. Using visual and literary art, the exhibit speaks to the Black man and the heritage of family as exposed by the systematic grids one has traveled from past to the present and its guidance in the effort to enrich the future by conscious movement. Wilson, of Cherokee and Arawak Indian descent, carries the inheritance of family stories from before and during the Trail of Tears and beyond to the loss of roots by displacement through  American Slavery.

The lineage series is focused on the stories of black family history, spoken/unspoken through art, just as some information was passed down only through song when other forms of communication were not permitted.

This is an art exhibit based on years of the artist’s self-discovery to understand events that chart the path of a lineage, of a race, and the disadvantages used by society to create barriers, Wilson said.

BlackMaled At Birth™️ Exhibition will feature artists P.A. Clifton, Meyah E. Hamlin-Barclow and CNOTE RS WILSON in association with Black Pearl Diamonds Publishing and The Greenwood Gallery. Additionally, artwork from Dudley Thomas will be included for the duration of the exhibition.

WEARETHEELEVATION.NFT unveiled a special digital Non-Fungible Token (NFT) artwork on January 7th, 2022, during the exhibition’s grand opening. The exhibition is now open to the public and will continue through Feb. 27th.

Artist Statement: CNOTE RS WILSON

“The focus is a deeper relation of voice navigating BLACK HISTORY  of men and women NOT held captives of psychological, social, political maneuvers; yet, bonded to the fight and prowess to overcome these disadvantages. In a system NOT meant to feed US, we MUST mold in the creation of our own systems within and above it using the advancements in today’s abilities by every means necessary to raise the steps of Black Men returning to the family held strong by Black Woman.

In addition to the sharing of visual art, the goal is to bridge a better connection and building of relationship between artistic generations of local artists. Many of the older artists,  who may not be known to the current art community, carry a lot of wisdom and knowledge, as well as unknown collegiate merit that needs to be passed down to facilitate the protection of knowledge so that it isn’t lost. I have been entrusted to curate these possibilities from several of the older artists. We will give them their flowers while alive.”