By Nate Morris


Leanna Crutcher, the mother of Terence Crutcher, consistently sought to uplift those around her. When her son was killed by a Tulsa Police Officer in 2016, Leanna transformed her pain into purpose. She worked alongside her daughter, Dr. Tiffany Crutcher, to launch the “A Mother’s Love” initiative. The initiative works to support, uplift and provide resources to mothers who have lost their children to violence.

In January of this year, however, the Crutcher family suffered another tragedy when Leanna lost her month-long battle with COVID-19.  But just as in life, Mama Crutcher’s influence and love continue to reach across the city.

Initiative pays off fines and fees for five Tulsa mothers

On Saturday, in honor of Leanna’s life, A Mother’s Love supported five Tulsa mothers by paying their outstanding fines and fees.

In a statement to the Black Wall Street Times, Leanna’s husband and the foundation’s co-founder, Reverend Joey Crutcher, said the effort was an example of the spirit of the holiday.

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