The Oklahoma Eagle Newswire

The inaugural exhibit #agardennotagraveyard will be celebrated in Tulsa tonight, First Friday Arts in Greenwood, at The Greenwood Gallery, 10 Greenwood Ave. -B, with a 6 p.m. launch party. Community engagement will activate the exhibit, which creates fertile ground for the new narratives, features three installations and culminates in the selection and highlighting of five personal stories.

The exhibit will take visitors through a three-part journey to create a better story where seekers, storytellers and change-makers will create Tulsa’s new narrative for all African Americans directly impacted by the burying of their Tulsa history and the lack of acknowledgment and apology until all eyes were on Tulsa as its horrific past was revealed to the rest of the world.

Artist Marlon F. Hall uses art to re-narrate the Tulsa story.