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BTW Alumnus Ramona Watkins-Rogers Is Now A Three Time Author

BTW Alumnus Ramona Watkins-Rogers Is Now A Three Time Author

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Tulsa native is now a three time author.  Her latest book was released on September 24 and is titled, “Blueprint For Success,” Live Life By Design.  Ramona believes that success starts with a blueprint.  This book is about being intentional about your life. Your education, your experiences, your career, and your lifestyle.  Being intentional forces you to think in a certain way and your actions should align with the outcomes you desire to see manifested in your life.

Ramona’s  first personal development book, “Gr8ness In The Making”, talked about how to reach your potential for greatness. This is the sequel to that book as she was able to introduce a systematic way of how to design your life before you live your life.

Ramona Rogers is a motivational speaker, personal development coach, and author who inspires and empowers those who are ready to be seen, heard and successful.  She encourages the  belief in self, developing skills, gifts and talents and to take action to achieve  goals and dreams.

Books can be purchased on her website

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They are sold exclusively in town at The Black Wall Street Liquid Lounge located at 10 N. Greenwood S101.

Ramona has also created masterclasses and group coaching services that give hands-on knowledge and guidance to build personalized blueprints for success. She is also booking for in person talks for students in middle school and high school.

Ramona can be reached by email at

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