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Grammy-Award Winning Artist Lecrae Partners With Exsperian To Talk About The Basics Of Financial Health

Grammy-Award Winning Artist Lecrae Partners With Exsperian To Talk About The Basics Of Financial Health

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Grammy-award-winning recording artist and activist Lecrae is providing the blueprint for building a financial legacy through his new web-series, The Experience, powered by Experian.

Premiering Fall 2021, the six-part series guides audiences through the ins and outs of financial health. Through short sketches and the help of some special guests, Lecrae breaks down the basics of financial health, which is understanding your finances and having the ability to balance your financial needs of today, with those of tomorrow.

Each episode will cover a key point of building a financial legacy starting with understanding money and utilizing checking and savings accounts.

Lecrae will use Experian’s app, which provides free real-time updates of credit scores, reports, and monitoring, as well as other resources such as Experian’s credit blog to show viewers how to check their credit score and educate themselves as they build.

“I am on a mission to spread the word on financial education because I wasn’t educated about money and didn’t know about budgeting,” Lecrae explained. “I didn’t know to think about the cost of things or what to pay off first as I just didn’t have a strategy.

​He believes that through his unique vision, partnered with Experian’s expertise, the message of financial health and inclusion will be embraced.

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Lecrae will also help viewers get started with Experian Boost, a program that allows users to add payments of recurring expenses such as rent, utilities and phone services to their credit data, giving them an instant boost to their credit score.

“Experian is deeply committed to making a significant difference in each of the communities in which we operate and live, and this partnership is one of many steps towards that goal,” said Craig Boundy, CEO of Experian North America. “We are focused on helping people gain the knowledge they need to improve their financial outlook, and working with Lecrae helps us expand our reach with younger consumers who are also key to a stronger economy in the future.”

The Experience will premiere on Lecrae’s social media platforms as well as the channels of his guests and YouTube Originals.  Follow Lecrae on social media @Lecrae and learn about more ways to improve your financial health at


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