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Venus Williams Starts New Initiative To Tackle Mental Health And Provide Free Therapy

Venus Williams Starts New Initiative To Tackle Mental Health And Provide Free Therapy

By Ryan Steal



Venus Williams is now putting a spotlight on mental health.

The 41-year-old tennis star announced that the group will provide free therapy for one month. She acknowledged that mental health is one thing that people find a challenge to take care of in the face of life’s difficulties.

“The challenge of taking care of our mental health through the ups and downs of life is something that all of us, no matter our background, can relate to,” Williams said in a statement.

The athlete saw the need to create more awareness on the importance of focusing on mental health, which she says is the reason she partnered with the two organizations.

The growing awareness of mental health is something that’s notably taking roots in the world of tennis. Naomi Osaka also recently opened up about her mental health and her journey with depression.

While giving a breakdown on the funds, WTA Tours said it’s availing the first $1 million, while the second $1 million is to be “covered by BetterHelp for each ace hit by WTA players for the remainder of the 2021 WTA Tour season.”

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BetterHelp President Alon Matas also added on the importance of prioritizing mental health, and how thrilled he was that his organization was part of a great move to create awareness on the same.

“It’s important that we take care of our mental well-being, and therapy provides the space and time to do just that. We’re incredibly excited to support the WTA’s like-minded goals and partner with Venus to continue making therapy more accessible,” said Matas in a statement.

You may click here if you’re looking forward to being part of the initiative.


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