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Teach Not Punish “1921 Black Wall Street Gala” Honoring Community Leader Greg Robinson August 14th At Greenwood Cultural Center

Teach Not Punish “1921 Black Wall Street Gala” Honoring Community Leader Greg Robinson August 14th At Greenwood Cultural Center

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Family Resource Center serves scholars, educators, and parents to cultivate social skills and enhance community resource access. TNP will honor community leader Greg Robinson Jr. at the second annual fundraising event Teach Not Punish ‘1921 Black Wall Street’ 2021 Gala. This fundraiser will provide general operations funding to accompany the programmatic funds recently granted to the organization to focus on early childhood development.

About TNP

TNP serves more than 100 children and their families annually, providing services across the Tulsa area to low-socioeconomic families and scholars with deficit social and academic skills. TNP also provides classroom management training, community engagement opportunities, resource events for families and educators. TNP’s mission is to motivate families and professionals by enhancing community resource access and providing support to build resilience. For more information about the Teach Not Punish Family Resource Center, visit

About Greg Robinson Jr.

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Greg Robinson Jr. is a Tulsa native who studied political science at Pine Bluff, Arkansas and worked on President Barack Obama’s re-election campaign. Recently, Robinson was the 30-year-old Black mayoral candidate in Tulsa, Oklahoma, who received about 30% of votes in the mayoral race with just over two months of campaigning.  As Family and Community Ownership Director of the Met Cares Foundation and Tulsa Regional Director of Urban Leaders Fellowship, Robinson is a leader who understands the importance of partnership to reach goals for better outcomes for schools, families, and the Tulsa community at large. He also serves as a board member for The Historic Greenwood District Main Street Program, the Greater Tulsa African-American Affairs Commission, the 1921 Race Massacre Mass Graves Commission, the Terence Crutcher Foundation, and the Black Wall Street Chamber of Commerce.

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