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#StayWoke The Oklahoma Eagle Editorial: You May Have Been Purged From The Voting Rolls

#StayWoke The Oklahoma Eagle Editorial: You May Have Been Purged From The Voting Rolls

You May Have Been Purged From The Voting Rolls


It is most definitely a relic of the Jim Crow era that is freely utilized by today’s republican party; the purging of voting rolls. Periodically and conveniently for republican leaders, they will purge thousands of voters from the rolls. It is simple, voters will be removed for not voting during several voting cycles. By motivation and purpose, purging the rolls benefit republicans. It is not not promoted as an anti-people of color move but that is exactly what it is.

First thing republicans do when they want to stunt voting rights is to say nothing about stunting voting rights as a rationale. You then describe the law as fair and carried out equally without regard to race, creed or ethnicity. In that way it is true. They will purge republican voters as well; just not as many. Since the GOP is not interested in welcoming all Oklahomans into their tent, they will slowly but surely become irrelevant. If they can not win your vote, they will simply find ways to keep you from voting.

Most purging laws will remove those voters who have not voted during the last presidential election cycle or vote infrequently. Statistics show that people of color, the disabled, young people in college and other vulnerable groups do not always vote every election. This has been challenged in court, but it has survived legal scrutiny because of crafty language used to appear equal and fairly implemented.

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Until these laws can be removed by a democratic majority, it is incumbent on voters of color to vote more frequently, check to make sure you are still registered, and get registered again if necessary. You will have to bring legal (up to date) IDs and complete whatever hoop you may have to jump through. Take those IDs with you when you go to vote as well as they are required.

The right and responsibility to vote is crucial to make change. No other people have more reason to vote than do people of color. It is time to flip

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