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Families Search For Answers At Seemingly Abandoned Tulsa Cemetery

Families Search For Answers At Seemingly Abandoned Tulsa Cemetery

By James King


Grieving Tulsans are searching for answers at a Crown Hill Cemetery after headstones disappear, grounds are unkempt, and the owner is nowhere to be found.

Dozens of headstones, which should be out in the cemetery marking someone’s loved one who’s passed away, sit next to a dumpster.

Rose Morgan, whose mother’s headstone is one of them, has been coming since August 2020. She says she visits often, hoping to find the owner.

“Pretty much every other day in a school bus, while I’m at work in my company car. I work at Tulsa Public Schools,” said Morgan. “And I just decided last Wednesday to put a note on this door, maybe I’m missing someone. So I put my number on the door saying, ‘Contact me.'”

NewsChannel 8 reached out to the person the Tulsa County Assessor’s Office has listed as the current owner of the cemetery, but just like Morgan, we have yet to receive a response. 

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Since she posted the note on the office door, calls have started rolling in from people like her searching for the same answers.

“I come up here at least once a week,” said Ladonna J. Calamease-Bell, who contacted Morgan after seeing her note. “I’ve been living here for 37 years now, and I’m up here all the time because a lot of my family is here, and it’s just sad.”

All they want are answers and the ability to have a special place for their loved ones.

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