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A penthouse suite decked out with three rooms of large scale art and interactive elements that are sure to inspire Joy. The Greenwood Joy Experience is the brainchild of Dawn Tree who is an abstract/graphic artist that uses surrealist and realistic attributes.

There is also audio/visual and animation all centered around the theme joy for the African American in America, US of A. A 50 minute film presented in the space discusses deeper rooted issues that hinder the joy of the African American.

“Tree has incorporated the Massacre with the theme of “Joy” throughout the different spaces created and there is one room that is fun interactive!,” Theresa Anderson Aduni of the North Tulsa Black Business Directory. 

“A lot of folk see destruction, but this artist… this expression is pure JOY.” 

The June 19th 12 to 7pm the experience will be hosted in the Greenarch Building, which is located at 10 N. Greenwood Ave, Tulsa, Oklahoma.

There will be special guests and catered food and treats in the space especially for Juneteenth. On this day in 1865 Union Army men walked onto a yard and found men and woman still working as slaves in Galvenston, TX. This was two days after the emancipation proclamation. More reason to gather and appreciate joy, it’s practically deemed a national holiday for African Americans.

The exhibition is an Underground Tree Studios creation partly sponsored by the Greenwood Art Project, The 1921 Race Massacre Commission, Greenarch, LLC, Good Day Products, Bloomberg Philanthropies. Tickets must be purchased at