Norman High School The Best Kind Of Champs

When Norman High School (NHS) girls’ basketball team stepped on the court in their play-off match with Midwest City they did not check their conscience at the door as they took a knee when the National Anthem playedThe move by NHS caught the eye of announcer Matt Rowan a former youth minister. Noticing the act of conscience on the court, Rowan went on a racial rant at a time he thought his mic was muted. The incident exploded across the nation and prompted statements of disgust and support for NHS teammates.

Rowan later released a statement apologizing for this comment and said his fellow commentator was blameless although some wished he would have intervened as Rowan used slurs to describe NHS and wished they would lose. He also blamed his Type I diabetes and spiking sugar levels for his outburst. This excuse was met with ridicule and did little to tamp down the criticism leveled at him and his company. His company of course lost their contract. But, what next after this?

For NHS they won that night against Midwest City and went on to defeat Union girls. In that game the Union girls team joined NHS in kneeling during the National Anthem. In the end so many across the state stood behind the Norman girls along with state athletic officials. It was refreshing to see Union do the right thing. The school has grown after dropping the Redskin mascot.

Rowan has lost his contract and at this point he has ruined his life. In this world of trying to hate the hateful to bring justice are we on the right path? In a better world Rowan changes into the person he says he really is.

All we know is that no closet racist exposed and drug out into the light becomes a beacon of hope and tolerance. It is only those who go on a journey of self-discovery that seem to create a better and truer version of themselves.

By the way NHS are now State Champs on the court and off. Congrats young leaders.

Anti-Asian Is Spreading And This Is Bad For Everyone

Ever since ex-President Donald J. Trump decided the best way to deal with Corona Virus is to; one, ignore it, and two; to blame it on the Chinese both schemes were wrong thinking and, as it turns out, dangerously racist. Now a man has been arrested for the multiple shootings in Atlanta, GA that have left 8 people dead: six of them Asians. The unhinged are acting on their spoon-fed hatred as promoted by Trump. While the police are not saying it, this is clearly a hate crime and deserves to be treated that way.

Robert Aaron Long has been arrested and he told investigators he suffered from sex addiction. For now, that is the police position and Sheriff spokesman Jay Baker said Long “had a bad day.” It was later revealed that Baker had posted anti-Asian memes. His cavalier remarks regarding Long and his motives were blasted by critics online.  In Oklahoma announcer Matt Rowan blamed diabetes for his racist rant. These reasonings are insulting to any thoughtful person.

President Joe Biden, Vice President Kamala Harris and House Speaker Nancy Pelosi have condemned Anti-Asian hatred and the violence that is growing across the nation. And it is growing at an alarming rate.

Wednesday morning a homeless white man attacked two elderly Asian people. The last one a 75-year-old Asian lady fought back and left him bloody. Her screams of pain and anger were hard to watch. Violence has risen since the beginning of the pandemic and Trump has beat the drums of hate ever since. He has taken no responsibility for the rise in violence or for his handling of Covid-19 that has left over a half a million Americans dead. Groups following the violence say there have been 3,800 acts of violence against Asians. Many of the deaths attributed were from violence towards the elderly, assailants have shoved unsuspecting elders to the ground causing head injuries resulting in death. The actual numbers are no doubt much higher.

Topps trading card company apologized after it released an insensitive trading card image of K-pop band BTS bruised and beaten. It was pulled after several hours.

Congresswoman Grace Meng has introduced legislation to help federal officials track hate crimes, right now there is no effort to collect the information except from private groups. Other efforts include volunteers walking with Asian people, especially the elderly.

The amount of ugliness associated with this rise in hate is disturbing in so many ways and the victims need our support. If the hateful and ignorant can identify Asians and Pacific Islanders to wrongly blame, they can do the same to any other group. Fortunately, we have a president that understands this is a problem that needs to stop, and he is willing to marshal federal resources towards addressing this horrible bigotry.

Entertainment Coming To Terms With Race

Many in the entertainment industry can rightfully be described as liberal or left leaning politically, usually possessing a healthier view of race than most professions. That is until something comes up.

First off not everyone in Hollywood is a liberal. President Ronald Reagan started as a liberal but testified against fellow actor’s guild members and accusing them of being communist. Other well-known actors were rock ribbed republicans as was their right. But open racism in Hollywood is somewhat rare.

In the case of Stacey Dash she has reversed her once fond and supportive position on President Donald J. Trump. She has admitted she was wrong to support him and plans to support President Joe Biden. She was a pariah in Hollywood and only found work on Fox News as a commentator. After she was fired for going too far, she has found work hard to find.

After Piers Morgan criticized Meghan Markle and Prince Harry many saw his opposition to her as racist and cruel. He quit his morning show by walking off the set-in mid show after being challenged. Sharon Osbourne of television’s Talk defended Morgan who also said he did not believe her story about considering suicide. Osbourne has apologized for her support for Morgan but denies she is racist. Others have reported a long history of racially insensitive remarks attributed to her. She has denied the claims.

Topps trading cards has pulled a card that mocked the Asian band BTS that depicted the band with bruised faces in a whack a mole game. The card lasted just hours as news of the Atlanta shooting emerged, and critics saw the card as insensitive and racist.

This is an issue that Hollywood seems to be handling with more spine than other professions. Ugly as it is, there may be something to learn from their firmness and quick actions.