Blacks Have The Greatest Need But Are Half As Likely To Be Vaccinated

Covid-19 is not prejudiced in who it infects; however black Americans suffer more than any other race. That truth has stayed consistent throughout the pandemic/treatment and despite a greater need vaccination has lagged compared to that of other races.

Oklahoma Racial Breakdown

There are 3,751,351 people living in Oklahoma. 72 percent of them are white, 8 percent are Hispanic or Latino, 8 percent are Native American, 7 percent are Black or African American, 5 percent are two or more races, 4 percent are some other race, Asian are 1 percent, 1 percent are three or more races, below 1 percent are Native Hawaiian/Pacific Islander, Native Hawaiian also coming in under 1 percent and less than one half of one percent are Alaska Native tribes.

Oklahoma Cases of Covid

Whites make up 56.95 percent of those infected, Unknown comes in at 22.60 percent, Native American and Alaska Natives make up 9.88 percent of those infected by Covid, Black Oklahomans are infected at a rate of 5.39 percent. Multiple races/other races make up 3.32 percent. Asian or Pacific Islander make up 1.83 percent.

If you count the unknown or multiple race numbers, it will account for over 25 percent of the total amount infected. This is significant because it could misinform the numbers greatly. Those numbers put into any of the other categories would show a much different picture of the problem and need. This is totally unacceptable. The only fact here is that Oklahoma is doing a poor job of collecting data. Data pushes response and it should appropriately be applied according to need.

If you were to read this report, it implies that infection rates are in line with population for people of color. However, logic would tell you that 25 percent of the population that is listed as basically unknown would drastically push up the reported numbers to disturbing rates. If they were truly reported it would show a crisis in communities of color and an urgent need to marshal resources including vaccines to those areas. If those numbers are purposely distorted to maintain the current allocation of precious life-giving resources that would be a crime.

National Racial Breakdown

White people nationally make up 62 percent of the population. Hispanics make up almost 17 percent, blacks make up 12.6 percent, Asians make up 5.2 percent, mixed race makes up 2.3 percent and other which would include Native Americans at 1 percent.

Blacks Dying At 1.5 Times The Rate of Whites

Deaths per 100,000 are blacks at 155; 149 for Hispanic or Latino; 129 Native Hawaiian and Pacific Islander at 122. Whites are dying at 105 per 100,000; other is 88; Asian at 79 and two or more races at 16. Accordingly, 63,975 blacks have lost their lives to Covid-or 15 percent. Blacks make up 12.6 percent of the total population.

Congress Urging DHS To Report Vaccination Numbers Accurately

Some Democratic lawmakers are demanding DHS accurately report the number of people and their races who are vaccinated to make sure vulnerable populations are not left behind. Presently, there is no comprehensive database compiled of those who have been vaccinated by race while people of color are dying and being hospitalized at wildly disproportionate numbers. Of course, shoddy reporting will only exacerbate current health disparities and more lives will be lost. A CNN report on 14 states reveals vaccine coverage is twice as high among white people than it is among people of color. In the state’s studies, more than 4 percent of whites have received a Covid-19 vaccine, or about 2.3 times higher than the black population. Black and Latino Americans are dying of Covid at three times the rate of White people and hospitalized at a rate of four times than that of whites.

Oklahoma Has The Least Restrictions Of Any State And Dropping Numbers of Infections

Of course, that flies in the face of reality, which means the numbers cannot be right. Governor Kevin Stitt has resisted calls to mandate safety measures in the face of a world-wide pandemic. The state database is basically worthless and does not paint an accurate picture of the need or size of the problem. Stitt should realize there is no longer any need to appease twice impeached President Donald J. Trump. This is not politics; Covid does not vote, and only goes where it’s unguarded against.

For people of color contributing factors to high infection rates are long time poor access to healthcare and a deep distrust in vaccinations. Rumors of vaccinations and painful side effects are also spreading in some communities of people of color. In Oklahoma’s case, the poor record keeping could amount to a coverup or massive bungling of addressing human needs where they belong.

 Grand Jury Indicts Cop For Shooting Unarmed Black Man

Andre Maurice Hill was standing in the garage of a friend where he was visiting as a guest when Adam Coy, a 19 year veteran of the Columbus Division of Police drove up and quickly shot him dead. Coy claimed Hill had a gun in his hand even though none was found, and the police cam clearly showed no weapon or act of aggression. The shooting happened on December 22nd and Coy was fired shortly after the shooting.

The district attorney is saying he believes the indictment is proper and plans to vigorously pursue a guilty verdict. Adding to the series of events leading to Hill’s death is that he was still alive after being shot. Coy and the other cops did not render aide to Hill which is a violation of department policy.

In the end, the grand jury indicted Coy on murder in the commission of a felony, the felony being felonious assault, and two counts of dereliction of duty. The grand jury did not indict Coy of purposeful murder.

Police shooting continues at alarming rates and laws protecting police from liability for many shootings are still on the books. The qualified immunity meant to protect policemen in the lawful commission of their job has clearly been bastardized because any policeman can claim they felt in danger without much evidence to support it.

This indictment is rare and shows some communities are trying to apply justice equally and fairly.