Martin Luther King In The Era Of Trump

Many have no doubt wondered what Martin Luther King, Jr. would have done during some of this most racially intolerant time in modern history? The naked racism and violence toward people of color is off the charts and went unabated in the era of President Donald J. Trump. Would King’s influence make any difference in the face of the unhinged hate from Trump? King’s life may well have led to Trump’s defeat and a return to old respectful norms.

Of course, there is no real way of knowing and it is unfair. King was a man for his time in history and his efforts in the face of institutional racism was brave and brilliant. What was always true about King was his belief that hate did not drive out darkness. Only love and light could perform that great task. The many non-violent protests were effective and powerful. Those protests that erupted into violence and destruction only added fuel to the fire. We cannot hate the hater enough to make him love us. We must do the hard thing and love our detractor. Even Trump. People across this nation prayed for him to change and love his nation.

America celebrated King’s birthday and while we may have dark days ahead of us as we work to rebuild, let us remember all of King’s truths because they work. And that should bring about hope. His lessons continue to guide our steps and thoughts; that love is the answer to our problems.

Welcome Vice-President Kamala Harris

Kamala Harris is the first African American female Vice President and that is cause for celebration. Not because she is a perfect person, but because she is in a position to bring about great change for all people. She has sat in the seat of power for much of her adult life. She has ascended to position after position while balancing the weight of her positions. We hope she can help this country in crisis heal from four difficult years. Because of circumstances, Harris maybe in a position of leadership for many years to come.

Standing alongside President Joe Biden, they inherent a nation in crisis. Covid 19 continues to kill thousands of Americans every day. And despite the creation of a vaccine, there are huge problems with distribution. Too many people are out of work and the country will struggle under a budget deficit that is unrivaled. But they also have a democrat-controlled government. So, it’s not whether they can do something, it is what do they plan to do that will make a difference.

Biden was a large part of the President Barack Obama administration and he has shown every indication he will expect Harris to be integral to his administration. She of course brings some important skill sets as a former senator and prosecutor. She has some cleaning up to do in the eyes of some progressives. It seemed like she campaigned differently than how she performed her position as a prosecutor. Those in that position are rarely liberal or progressives.

Harris was sworn in by United States Supreme Court Justice Sonia Sotomayor on a bible that belonged to former justice Thurgood Marshall.

At this point in our history, this country is still recognizing firsts for achieving never before events. Check this one off the list, Harris is a heartbeat away from the presidency and she of course is more than capable. That is the important aspect of her ascension to this powerful position; she can do the job.

Hero Capitol Policeman Recognized For His Amazing Bravery

One of the unforgettable images from the riot at the United States Capitol by white nationalists spurred on by then President Donald J. Trump, was that of Capitol Police Officer Eugene Goodman who single handedly kept a dangerous group away from leaders.

As dangerous rioters breached the thin Capitol Police line and started to stream into the “People’s House” to attack congressional leaders, some also had blood in their eye for Vice President Mike Pence. Some were calling for a rope to lynch Pence for going against the twisted wishes of Trump to not approve the election results. Pence refused to carry out Trump’s last second bid to overturn the election because he said he did not have the right. In front of the Capitol, gallows were erected to announce the deadly intent of the insurrectionists. They might have carried out their sinister plan had it not been for the quick and heroic actions of Goodman.

As dangerous rioters, some screaming “hang Mike Pence”, rushed up the stairs to the floor where just a minute before Pence was placed into a room with his family to escape harm. Goodman was at the floor where Pence was secured, to his left was the Vice President and to his right was a large empty room where Goodman had called for backup. Goodman’s actions were credited with keeping the Vice President safe from harm.

Goodman is not new at standing in Harm’s Way, as he is an Army veteran serving in the 101st Airborne Division while serving in Iraq. He has been a Capitol Policeman since 2009. His life has changed since January 6, 2021 when his bravery probably saved lives.

During the inauguration Goodman was assigned to help escort soon to be Vice President Kamala Harris in his new role as Acting Deputy Sergeant at Arms. Goodman is also being honored by lawmakers for his heroism. Congressman Charlie Crist has filed H.R. 305, a resolution giving him the Congressional Gold Medal. In a press release Crist and co-sponsors said “If not for the quick, decisive, and heroic actions from officer Goodman, the tragedy of last week’s insurrection could have multiplied in magnitude to levels never before seen in American history. With this prestigious award, we can show our gratitude to Officer Goodman for saving countless lives and defending our democracy.” Very deserving. The Oklahoma Eagle joins others in honoring Eugene Goodman.