The Milk Boutique


Native Tulsan Mia Collins is the owner and founder of Milk Boutique in Tulsa. Collins has lived in Tulsa all her life. Collins love profession developed at an early age yes she has always been very particular about what she wore, she said that there was one particular outfit she loved to wear she called it the B suit , because it had bears and letter b’s all over it.

She says I loved it so much she stated  “I’d wear it everyday if I could and I’d completely be unbothered about what others thought about it.”

The same confidence and boldness resonates with her today Collins feel a woman’s confidence is very important and how she carries herself is instant language.  In Mias word: “Weather we like it or not fashion is language.’’ Collins boutique exemplifies a lot of her personality traits; bold, confident, sexy and classy. Collins  again said: “I’ve always been able to be fashionable without breaking the bank and, now I’m able to offer the same to women of the Tulsa community.”

Collins also said: ”I get the question a lot of why I call  my store Milk. Well just take a moment and think about all the things we use milk for. A lot of  put it in our coffee to make it creamier.  We may add it to our eggs to make them fluffier.  We all love a good cup of hot cocoa on a cold day or night.  If you are ever in need of a late night snack you can never go wrong with milk and cookies. Me, myself I’m a country girl so I like to add milk and butter to my rice.  Even our babies thrive and grow off of milk the first year of life. Milk for most of us is a staple , be it almond milk soy milk etc it is  still milk. Long story short there’s a velvety smoothness that only milk can give and because of that it can be replaced.”

Collins went on to say that: “At the milk boutiqueI provide the latest styles in women’s fashion for an affordable price.  Sexy , bold , classy and stylish that pretty much sums up the Milk Collection. Milk exemplifies my style and since milk is a staple it also exemplifies a necessity in the community for our ladies to have a place to shop when they want to get jazzy.”

Collins has been holding fast through the curent COVID 19 pandemic. Mia proudly stated : “February 19 2021, will kick off my third year in business and oh what a journey it has been. I get a lot of ladies reaching out especially for special occasions saying they need an outfit.  Whether they have a date, a big event or just headed out of town. They come in to shop with me.  I’ve never had any complaints about the quality of my merchandise I believe quality is most of all better than quantity.’’

Collins stated : “Last March I began consulting other women helping them launch their own Stores. Thus far I’ve helped 15 women in Tulsa, Texas, and Oklahoma City launch their very own businesses. I believe that as a black woman it is valuable to help and offer support to each other now more than ever.’’

In closing Mia reflecting on her upbringing stated : “I’m inspired by my grandmother Ida Mae Collins owner founder of Mama Collins Daycare, located in North Tulsa.  I watched my grandmother be a boss and I admired that about her. She ran her daycare for over 32 years before she passed away in 2011. She was a complete business woman.  She has inspired me so much throughout my own journey as an entrepreneur.  She definitely left a legacy.’’