Medical Workers Are Our People Of The Year

In 2020 we have learned that a global pandemic is crushing for everyone, but perhaps no profession has stood in harm’s way more than healthcare workers. From emergency techs to doctors, they have faced peril everyday while fulfilling their oath to treat all people no matter what. No one thought no matter what would be fraught with danger. We simply cannot thank them enough. But we are going to try to appropriately thank them anyway.

The nature of Covid 19 is that there is no set nature. It can become quickly lethal or barely noticeable and no one knows which is going visit upon them. Most Americans seem to understand this. Of course, this does not apply to those who deny the very existence of the coronavirus and its damaging effects. That belief system appears to be baked in and it is unmovable. For the rest of us there is a somber respect for a contagion right outside our doors. But, absolutely no one utterly understands the complete horror of Covid 19 as do healthcare workers.

They treat the sick and take every precaution they themselves do not catch the airborne virus. Best estimates are that the virus remains active on a variety of surfaces for days at a time. On the bottom of our feet, on our clothes and through droplets of saliva traveling from merely speaking. Those treating Covid 19 patients are the last people the dying see. While they are gasping for air hungry for human touch, they pass from this world without family gathered around. It is like that all day for these remarkably brave health providers. They do not seek reward or thanks; they are those special people who have a deep need to help their fellow human being. Thank them, while we sleep safe in our beds, they are working 24 hours a day trying to defeat with shrinking resources the most devasting virus in our lifetime.

Oklahoma continues to be one of the hardest hit states according to White House reports. Oklahoma has the fourth-highest positivity rate in the nation as well as the fifth highest new Covid 19 cases daily rate per capita. Nationally, recent estimates suggest that Covid 19 will become the 6th and 7th leading cause of death in the world. Yet, Oklahoma health providers have headed into harm’s way with bravery and resolve.

For this The Oklahoma Eagle salutes healthcare workers who show up in their fears, concerns, and exhaustion to fight an unrelenting enemy that is still spiking as the vaccine slowly rolls out. Thank you, heroes, and saints.

Julius Jones Needs Your Help

Julius Jones was accused and sentenced to death for the murder of Edmond businessman Paul Howell. For many, Jones is innocent, and the state of Oklahoma is in jeopardy of executing the wrong man. What is clear in this effort to have a new trial or for him to be released because he is not guilty of the horrible crime he is accused of, is the unbendable justice system in Oklahoma that can’t see their own error.

A justice system in Oklahoma appears to be only interested in revenge and establishing guilt. Justice is the presumption of innocence, not the other way around. The burden of proof is on the accused who in this case has never been given the opportunity to speak on his own behalf. Never given an opportunity to explain away serious errors by his original legal team.

All that is left is to keep up the public calls for justice. Contact Oklahoma Governor Kevin Stitt who has at times shown himself to be aware of the mean-spirited justice system in our state. Call him and tell him how you feel about Jones and the need to commute his system at 405-521-2342. And you need to contact the Oklahoma Pardon and Parole board at Oklahoma Pardon and Parole Board 2915 N. Classen Blvd, suite 405, Oklahoma City, OK 73106, or at . Call at 405-521-6600 or fax at 405-602-6437.

Julius Jones cannot contact anyone, and his attorneys are in Arizona and cannot be here all the time. Jones needs you.

Inhofe Rejects Trump Attempt To Attack Social Media With Defense Bill

If that headline sounds strange and illogical that is the state of Washington D.C. politics as President Donald J. Trump has decided he is going to attack as many perceived enemies as he can with the power of the presidency. Trump is on a revenge tour in striking out at friends and foes alike if they do not cave into his craven desires. In this case the president wants to veto the defense bill because Twitter refuses to allow obviously untrue posts without a disclaimer. Trump does not like fake news, and he is being held to a high standard on being unfake. His response is not to rise to the higher standard. He is angry because he is not allowed to lie with impunity.

To be sure, the National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA) would provide hazard, flight, and pay increase. Congress appears ready to reject this unreasonable demand by a frazzled Trump. Inhofe has been with Trump for almost everything no matter how crazy. Inhofe could have joined Trump one last time; however, he counted the support for opposing his plan for repealing Section 230 in the NDAA and there is no support for ego driven plans. Tip of the hat to Inhofe, who is no fan of Section 230, and is not going to hurt the military to satisfy Trump’s callous plans. As it stands now, even if Trump follows through with his plans to veto the NDAA, the votes are there to override his veto. That would be an end to a disastrous presidency.

We are on the cusp of a new way of governance. Looks like Inhofe and others are ready to get started now. Someday soon, the country will wake up and there will be no embarrassing tweets or racist acts that have left a stain on the presidency.