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As Tulsa Public Schools announced pre-K through third grade will return to distance learning for the remainder of the semester, The Opportunity Project (The Opp) reminds families that free or low-cost help is available for those juggling work and their child’s educational needs.

Through Tulsa County CARES, a fund established with federal CARES Act dollars, The Opp continues to coordinate remote learning sites at non-profits, community rec centers, churches and other locations across the county. Sites are open five days a week and students are served meals, have adult supervision and help with school assignments. They benefit from social interaction with other kids, are provided regulation PPE and proper social distancing is observed in a safe, clean and nurturing environment.

“Along with funding projects to keep residents employed and families in their homes, Tulsa County CARES funded The Opportunity Project to provide relief for working parents,” said Tulsa County Commissioner Ron Peters. “Many Tulsa County parents are pulling double duty during the workday as they oversee their children’s schoolwork. The Opportunity Project is a great option for those parents who need a little extra help during distance learning and is one of the many projects we’re proud to partner with.”

The Opp is leveraging existing partnerships with more than 20 trusted organizations and utilizing an online portal hosted by the United Way to support families who need to work, but also need to ensure their child’s educational needs are met during these times of unprecedented uncertainty. Free or low-cost services vary by site, but include full day childcare, educational and recreational activities, meal and food security, distance learning facilitation and the promise of a welcoming and nurturing environment with adult supervision.

With 45 elementary schools in Tulsa Public Schools, and dozens more in suburban school districts, the need to support working families is tremendous. The Tulsa County Board of Commissioners’ decision to disburse CARES Act dollars via an existing network of private partnerships allowed The Opp to provide relief quickly, and to families who need it the most.