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Dr. Tiffany Crutcher, executive director and founder of the Terence Crutcher Foundation, has announced ten $1000 unrestricted grants for local community organizations.

After being surprised with a grant from the new Black Voices for Black Justice Fund to support her work in social justice, Crutcher knew she wanted to pay it forward. “The message from the fund is clear, unusual and very welcome: you trust us as Black leaders to know how to make a difference,” said Crutcher. “This infusion of support means more than I can ever say to me and my entire community.”

In announcing the fund, co-chair Kerry Washington, actress and activist, said, “The Black Voices for Black Justice Fund recognizes incredible leaders who have been on the frontlines working to dismantle the deep-rooted, racist systems that have plagued our country for centuries. Amplifying their voices and providing resources to these inspiring advocates is critical as we strive towards equity and racial justice in this country.”

The grant awardees selected by Crutcher include:

  • Joshua Harvey Foundation
  • Joshua Barre Foundation
  • T-Town Satin Dolls youth dance group
  • Justice for Greenwood Foundation
  • The Power Group
  • Carver Women of Power Booster Club
  • Black Lives Matter – OKC youth group
  • African Ancestral Society
  • Northside United Coalition of Clergy
  • Not Forgotten Children Foundation 

Each organization will be featured through Terence Crutcher Foundation social platforms beginning in 2021.

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