By Victor Trammell



Conservative author and pundit Candace Owens (pictured) has formidably scored points in her career from pouncing on foes who cried foul against her powerful allies in the Republican Party.

But now, the 31-year-old politico has painted herself as a victim in a lawsuit, which targets a former media ally of hers and another entity she calls “an overlord of Big Tech.” According to Just the News, Owens has named the USA Today national newspaper and Lead Stories Fact Checker as defendants in a new lawsuit. She announced the filing on November 6.

The USA Today previously credited Owens earlier this year for breaking the embarrassing news story about Florida-based Democrat Andrew Gillum. The newspaper’s March 2020 report about Gillum’s unsavory endeavor at a Miami Beach hotel said Owens was the source who dropped a career-threatening bombshell on the unassuming family man.

However, Owens is the one crying foul against USA Today, Lead Stories Fact Checker, and Facebook, a major partner of the newspaper and third-party truth disseminator. She claims that her Facebook account was censored after she shared a video in August, which featured a physician giving their honest opinion about SARS CoV2, the virus that causes COVID-19.

In her grievance, Owens claims that the draconian censorship of her social media account has stripped her of a revenue source. In a YouTube video, Owens put her feelings on record. She went into detail about how her account was crippled after being flagged for providing what has been classified as “false and misleading information.”

“It is time to fact-check the fact-checkers. I think the fact-checkers are cowards. I think [Facebook CEO] Mark Zuckerberg is a coward, and I love that I am on his platform raising money to go after his fact-checkers,” Owens said in a video.

Owens is not just using her voice to combat administrative overreach by overzealous fact-checkers who operate online. She has also started a website called factcheckzuck.com, which was designed to advocate in favor of free speech; a liberty that is heavily under attack nowadays in American history.

Website visitors can also donate to Owens’ legal team as she continues to raise funds to gain steam with her lawsuit.