Biden And Harris Take Over A Nation Divided 

As the Nation begins the process of dealing with the administration of Joe Biden and Kamala Harris, it is important to note, the nation changed its mind but delivered no mandate. It would be wise to accept that conclusion. Given the slim margin, Biden should do what defeated President Donald J. Trump never did and that is understand there is a divided government. Despite the record-breaking turnout, and the large numbers who voted for Biden, 70 million Americans voted for Trump.

This is not the time to settle old scores, that was the agenda of the last administration. Trump was not subtle in his attempt to wipe the earth clean of any mention of President Barack Obama. Even if it meant doing away with valuable and popular laws. The first element of the Trump voter is that they are mad and wanted to shake up the government. While that ultimately wasn’t a wise agenda, the rage is still there. Why are they so angry? In some cases it is being fed a ton of misinformation to rile up their fears. And it worked and continues to work.

Even if Trump concedes tomorrow, his followers will have not changed one bit. While it is impossible to make every voter happy, it is helpful to understand them and to let them know this is an on-going process. To do otherwise is to continue if not worsen the divide between Americans.

African Americans can be rightly proud of the election of Kamala Harris as vice-president, she must mend more than a few fences. So far, she has done a good job of being a good second in command. She doesn’t have the luxury of resting on her laurels or enjoying the racial glass ceiling she shattered in becoming Vice-President of the United States.

Biden should be given high marks for being the only person in Washington D.C, to understand getting the global pandemic under control is job one. He also wants to help surgically stimulate the economy. With Senate Majority leader Mitch McConnell in charge of the Senate he will have to work with him to do what is right for the nation.

Like Obama, Biden inherits an economy in shambles and a nation divided. He also is looking at an untamed pandemic infecting possibly millions of Americans. Good luck to him. Now is we can just get the president to surrender with grace and class.

Union School District Retires Native Mascot 

Union School Board voted to drop the controversial Redskin mascot this week after years of pressure from activist groups like the Tulsa Indian Coalition Against Racism (TICAR) and more importantly from within the school itself. For over 19 years Native Americans from the area have pressured Union School District to eliminate the mascot because they said it was racist. Union fiercely fought back and in 2003 voted to retain the mascot after studying the issue. At the time, no natives were apart of that education effort.

Former State Senator Judy Eason McIntyre and Tulsa School Board member authored an anti-discrimination bill aimed at eliminating Indian mascots. While the bill never made it out of the education committee, McIntyre was publicly and privately attacked for her courageous effort. Her and former State Representative Jabar Shumate attended a Union school board meeting and were met with hostility from the board. NAACP has a resolution opposing the use of native Americans as mascots.

Times have changed in with the administration, the school board, alumni, parents, and the student body arrived at their own decision and moved to do something about the controversial mascot name. Some say the name is the worst among native mascot names. After forming a committee of native Americans, students, alumni, and school staff met and finalized a report. The voted 24-3 in favor of dropping the mascot name. This week the school board unanimously voted to accept the findings and immediately dropped the Redskin mascot.

The Washington Redskins have dropped their mascot and are studying what to do and for the time will play with no mascot name. Union plans to do the same and will not announce a new mascot anytime soon.

The decision is a major civil rights victory for native Americans at Union and area wide. TICAR and other efforts used education and lots of it in creating an atmosphere of change. Finally, it was Union on its own deciding it was time to change.

Congratulations to the Native and Union community in reaching a decision based on mutual respect. Perhaps it will be a model for change in the future.

Early Christmas Gift From A Generous Heart To Help Pay Utility Bills 

The United States is in economic straits and Tulsa North is no different. Like other black communities, they are hard hit by Covid-19. Not just in infections but by lost jobs. A hard situation was made harder. Or as former President Barack Obama once said, when the country catches a cold, we (black community) catch pneumonia.

Seemingly out of the blue, a benevolent soul has stepped forward with $360,000 to help pay local residents with utility bills. This must be a God send for those trying to keep their utilities on. If you are a North Tulsa County resident in need of assistance, bring your utility bill, a photo ID on Mondays from 12:30-1:30 p.m. to the locations below.

  • Nov. 16 – Woodlake Family Church Turley, 6301 North Peoria, Tulsa, OK 74126
  • Nov. 23 – Saint Andrew Baptist Church, 3115 N Garrison Ave. Tulsa, OK 74106
  • Nov. 30 – Woodlake Family Church Turley, 6301 North Peoria, Tulsa, OK 74126
  • Dec. 7 – Saint Andrew Baptist Church, 3115 N Garrison Ave. Tulsa, OK 74106
  • Dec. 14 – Woodlake Family Church Turley, 6301 North Peoria, Tulsa, OK 74126
  • Dec. 21 – Saint Andrew Baptist Church, 3115 N Garrison Ave. Tulsa, OK 74106
  • Dec. 28- Woodlake Family Church Turley, 6301 North Peoria, Tulsa, OK 74126

Whoever opened their heart and wallet to help so many and so generously, you are a kind and wonderful soul.