By Fred L. Jones, Jr.



The Booker T. Washington National Alumni Association is set to honor Orlando Hazley, Jr. and the late Barbara Coleman during halftime activities Friday October 9th. Hazley and Coleman are household names among the Hornet nation.

Orlando Hazley was an outstanding student athlete and the first African-American letterman at Oklahoma State University in the late 1950s. He was a world class sprinter and is a member of the OSU Track Hall of Fame.

Mr. Hazley began his teaching career at Moon Junior High School in Oklahoma City. In January of 1966 he moved to Tulsa and became the head track coach and biology teacher at Booker T. Washington High School. While serving as head track coach he coached some of the most outstanding athletes to ever walk the halls of Booker T. in the name of John Winesberry, Shelby Morris, Clinton Ball, Darrell (Roadrunner) Johnson, Ruben Gant, Michael Choice, Darlene Anderson Nedra Doyle, Sandra Biddle and so many more. In 1971 the boys track team won the state track championship and in 1974 the girls track team followed suit and won that year’s state track championship.

Mr. Hazley became Assistant Principal in 1974 at Booker T. Washington and served in that capacity until he was assigned to Tulsa McClain High School as Principal in August of 1977. For his accomplishments at OSU and his contributions to society as a teacher, coach, school administrator, mentor, and role model to young people, he received the OSU Black Alumni Association’s Trailblazer Award. Mr. Hazley devoted over 30 years to the Oklahoma Public Education System, retiring in 1991. He will always be revered for his love of education and how he encouraged young people to “Reach for the stars and beyond, don’t just settle for the moon”.

Mrs. Barbara Coleman was an amazing women, mother, wife, teacher and friend. She began her teaching career at Booker T. Washington in the early 1970’s.

Mrs. Coleman was an excellent teacher who taught Oklahoma Black History. Her passion for teaching could be felt every time she spoke. Not only was she an amazing history teacher, but she was also over the BTW Gospel Choir to ensure that Gospel Music had a strong presence in our school. Her love and devotion to the BTW T Connection Band was second to none.

Mrs. Coleman genuinely loved all of her students. She was the Mama of Booker T. Washington High School and she knew how to make every individual student feel like her very own child. She had the ability to be stern and command the attention of her students without raising her voice.

We want to always remember her warm, loving smile, and the love she showed all of her students. She will always have a special place in our hearts. We honor you, Mrs. Barbara Coleman, a TRUE BTW Hornet in every sense of the word!

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