Tulsa Councilors Cave In To Anti Black Lives Matter Activists

In what can only be described as weak and obviously bowing to anti African American interest, the Tulsa City Council minus its lone Black councilwoman, moved to remove a mural in the heart of Greenwood after failing to find ways to keep art in place. Like many progressive cities across the nation, recognizing the understanding that Black Lives Matter is important because they currently do not. Racially insensitive forces have hammered city government with racist beliefs that the leaders eventually bowed to.

The council, unable or actually unwilling to find a compromise, are recommending to the Mayor that the city fast track road work that would remove the mural in October ahead of the planned March 2021 date. The city does not want to recognize the painful understanding that violence toward Black Tulsans continues, however they also do not want to scrape off the mural on the eve of the anniversary of the worst race massacre in U.S. history.

Only councilor Vanessa Hall-Harper voted against the recommendation.

Phil Larkin was reported as saying he hears from reasonable people who he described as confused by the city’s delay in removing the mural. We can only imagine these reasonable people do not live in Greenwood or would ever have to look at the mural. His comments are similar to those uttered by President Donald J. Trump who described white nationalists marching in Charlottesville, Va as very fine people. He went to say it is sensitive on many sides. Apparently, the other side’s feelings were more important on a mural that does not hurt anyone.

The mural will probably be moved to private property in the future and not be bothered by city government or the people pulling their strings. So, not only is Tulsa home to the worst race massacre in U.S. history but will be the first major city to remove Black Lives Matter from their street. Not much has changed in our not so fair city.

Tulsa Being Sued For Damages During 1921 Massacre

A group of Black Tulsans are suing the City of Tulsa and other groups for the carnage created by the infamous 1921 Tulsa Race Massacre. Much of Greenwood was burned to the ground and as many as 300 killed. It was bombed and reportedly many of the dead were carried off and buried in some unknown location. In the aftermath, insurance policies were not honored, the city stunted the rebuilding of Greenwood, and promises to redevelop what was once Black Wall Street were unkept. A group of Tulsans say there needs to be a legal reckoning for the damage heaped on Greenwood.

The suit will say the nuisance and deliberate poverty has led to poor living conditions in the historic black Tulsa. Those included in the suit are the City of Tulsa, Tulsa Regional Chamber of Commerce, Tulsa County Board of Commissioners, Tulsa Development Authority, Tulsa County Sheriff Vic Regalado, Tulsa Metropolitan Area Planning Commission, and the Oklahoma Military Department.

The suit sets to say the parties targeted have unduly enriched themselves off the story of the massacre and are seeking damages for the money made off the tragedy. This should get interesting and will certainly be an exercise in the pursuit of justice. In a word, the group is seeking reparations. The number sought will no doubt shake Tulsa to its core. 

Black Panther Star Dies

Brilliant actor Chadwick Boseman died last week, bringing to an end a life well lived. Boseman starred in the most successful Black themed movie Black Panther and it made him a star and role model to millions. Boseman died of colon cancer at the age of 43.

While he leaves too soon, he shined brightly in Marshall, Thurgood, 42, Black Panther, and many other remarkable films. His Avenger family was crushed like everyone else and like the rest of his fans are mourning this great talent. Those who really knew him are saying they are missing the man and what he stood for.

Ever mindful of the power of film and media, Boseman would refuse films that cast African Americans in a bad light or perpetuated a negative stereotype.

Black Panther, the movie Boseman starred in made over $1.3 billion in sales. But, for those who knew the kind man, his greatest achievement was how he kept his remarkable humanity. For that he will forever be missed. Wakanda forever.

A Tale Of Two Presidents

In the aftermath of the tragic shooting of Jacob Blake, this country once again reckoned with the problem of police violence against Black citizens. This outrage calls for our president to calm our nerves and tell us how he or she will address the crisis. Well, they certainly didn’t disappoint for their supporters and detractors.

President Donald J. Trump flew to Kenosha WI, and did not calm nerves but criticized protesters. He criticized those calling for an end to police violence and never uttered a word about the condition of Blake or discussed his condition. He clearly didn’t care and was throwing red meat to his base. He clearly failed and only widened the gap between the races in America.

Vice-President Joe Biden came to Kenosha this week and spent time with Blake’s family and then addressed the people of that beleaguered community. He is to be commended for addressing the real issues and comforted the family hurting for their loved one.

While Trump was unable to do anything of value or show moral courage, he did show us a difference in approach. Biden came in and talked to the community, and while addressing specific questions about sentencing, drug laws and excessive incarceration, he said he would recommend giving offenders better representation. While that is clearly helpful, he has still never backed down from the crime bill that brought people of color to court by the millions.

We should expect more out of both because only transformative change will alter the future in a positive way.