Bynum for Mayor 

For Mayor of Tulsa the Oklahoma Eagle endorses incumbent mayor G.T. Bynum based on his earnest desire to unite Tulsa and bring us into a better future. While no candidate is perfect or without fault, Bynum seems to learn from success and failures alike.

Because of the nature of Tulsa, Bynum has received advice and recommendations from a number of sources and not all of them preached a united Tulsa. In the end Bynum seems able to sift through the ideas to find the better truth. For that he is worth keeping.

Nothing in this would suggest we are blind to every fault, but Bynum remains the man for the job and we urge voters to cast their ballot for him on August 25th.  There were others who sought out this office and while earnest and well meaning, they were not prepared to serve as Tulsa’s chief executive yet.

Goodwin for District 1 

Community activist and businessman Jerry Goodwin is the choice of the Oklahoma Eagle to serve as district 1 city council seat. His lifetime devotion to serving Tulsa and his neighbors make him best prepared for representing district 1 at this vital point in history.

Goodwin is challenging Vanessa Hall-Harper who like Goodwin has an impressive education and background in civic service. So, what separates two qualified individuals. The Oklahoma Eagle favors Goodwin’s even tempered approached to challenges. Police relations have been a problem since statehood and Harper-Hall’s relationship with the police force makes her commitment to reform questionable.

First District voters are urged to vote for Jerry Goodwin and help the long-suffering district succeed where others have fell short. It was not lack of commitment or desire for progress but as we suggest here a steady, earnest approached to change that is what we need today. Vote Jerry Goodwin for First District city councilman.

Paul Eicher For District 3 

The Oklahoma Eagle urges voters to support the candidacy of Paul Eicher who is running for city council district three. Eicher understands the role of government and the needs of the district. It is a district that needs a fierce advocate due to its long reputation for not getting their fair share of city funds for basic repair. Eicher understands that is a critical part of his job as district 3 city councilman.

Eicher is running against a famous name in Tulsa politics. Crista Patrick’s relatives have had firm grip on the seat since the dawn of the modern city government. Crista has spent valuable time tackling the graffiti problems in her district. Perhaps she should have spent more time finding out what the graffiti said instead of leading efforts to whitewash them and literally creating a fresh canvas for restless youth.

Eicher has a broad and deep appreciation for what his district needs and a modern understanding of what is needed at this crucial time in Tulsa history. Vote for Paul Eicher for city council district 3.

Kara Joy McKee For City Council District 4 

The Oklahoma Eagle endorses Kara Joy McKee for city council district 4. She has been a valuable ally for progressive policies and has been a tireless worker in her district to share knowledge to create a transparent government.

Part of his district in the Oklahoma Eagle readership area and she has taken an active role in taking the heat off the Black Lives Matter mural on the streets of Greenwood. Her levelheaded and intelligent approach allows her to reach compromises that might elude others. Buyers beware one of her opponents Kathryn Lyons harbors some controversial Indian views that would not be helpful in city government or anywhere else.

Vote Kara Joy McKee for city council district 4.

Cheyenna Morgan For City Council District 6 

The citizen candidate can mean a person who does not come from wealth and understands the needs of the working family. Tulsa City Council needs those type of candidates who understands what it means to struggle and survive. Cheyenna Morgan can be that voice on the city council representing District 6.

She also brings strong administrative experience in her work life and a keen understanding of tribal relations. Indian governments are some of the most vibrant economic generators in Oklahoma and Morgan could help bridge those opportunities.

The incumbent Connie Dotson was one of two councilors who voted against wearing a mask as proposed by their fellow lawmakers. Tulsa County Health Department announced this week that increased use of wearing masks were bringing down infections.

Tulsa has some of the richest diverse populations in city council districts.  District 6 falls in line with people of every walk of life living with its boundaries. Those good people deserve a representative who truly understands them. The Oklahoma Eagle urges the residents of district 6 to vote for Cheyenna Morgan for city council.

Vote Yes on Charter Amendment No. 1 

This amendment doesn’t really change much but adds clarity to how elections are run by city government in Tulsa. Because of the nature of city governments in most places, there is no need for primary elections which are used in partisan elections. Vote yes on this amendment.

Vote Yes on Charter Amendment No. 2 

This amendment brings Tulsa into modern society where women now work a multitude of jobs that are no reserved for men only. There are currently five gender-specific references in the charter for jobs are not gender-specific. With a positive affirmation of this amendment it will make sure women are fairly classified in the city’s charter.

Vote Yes on Charter Amendment No. 3 

In a little preventive measure in the event that a city commissioner decides to not conduct themselves in the best interest of Tulsa. We know that would no doubt be a rare occurrence or if chronic absenteeism keeps a quorum from being present there should be a fair mechanism to remove someone from a commission or board.

Vote No on Charter Amendment No. 4 

In proposed changes to the charter, it looks like the council tries to weaken the mayor’s office by paring back his powers. That looks like the case here as the proposed amendment gives a clear administrative power to the council in giving them approval over the mayor’s appointment of future city attorneys.

Vote No on Charter Amendment No. 5 

In another attempt to weaken the mayor’s office through setting legal direction of city attorneys. Which they normally do and in the singular case of the city attorney saying no is rare and not a good reason to change the charter for an anomaly.