Dow And Harris Push For Help To Avoid Mass Evictions

Tulsa is facing an eviction tsunami in the coming days if Congress does not act quickly and take up the advice of former Tulsan Steven Dow and California Senator Kamala Harris and invest the needed funds to head off the looming crisis. Unfortunately, the republican led senate has not been burning the midnight oil working on a plan or conferencing with democrats to come up with a plan. Meanwhile the moratorium on evictions is ending as is the federal unemployment supplement which has been a lifeline for many families. Time is running out. Actually, last week would have been the optimum time to do something constructive.

As the nation reckons with a racial divide that has spilled over into all areas of life, evictions are a not so silent disaster on the horizon. Historically, race has played a major role in the income gap between people of color and white Americans. Redlining and Jim Crow laws stunted black attempts to purchase homes and create expendable income. That has created a wealth gap that has never closed. So, as it stands right now black families are twice as likely to rent as their white neighbors. Not only are people of color suffering from Covid-19 more than white citizens, dying at higher rates, they are more likely to be evicted. Life is so stressful, with protesting, police violence, massive joblessness and the prospect of schools opening during a pandemic that the potential of millions of people being evicted is on the near horizon if nothing is done. That will be like throwing gas on the fire of the nation’s problems. The nation should truly look at the housing and rental problem as a crisis that is also major race problem.

There is short term help and a Federal remedy that helps both the renter and landlords. While there is not a lot of sympathy for landlords, not all of them are heartless corporations. Many are single or multi-family unit owners who are facing their own crisis. The have mortgage payments and taxes due on the properties.

Legislation offered by Harris, United Senator Elizabeth Warren and U.S. Representative Barbra Lee are offering legislation that would extend the moratorium until March 2021 waive late fees and allow 18 months to pay back missed payments. Some say this does not go far enough and only offsets the pain down the road. As it stands right now late payments will have to be paid back and few will be able to pay back months of missed payments. Others say logically, to avoid the catastrophe looming ahead could best be remedied by the Federal government paying the rent for a year to keep the financial disaster of millions of families being thrown into the street and saving financially strapped landlords. It is the right, compassionate and logical remedy to solve this crisis. If congress can give billionaires a trillion dollars they did not even need, it could certainly save the country from ruin for much less.

Search For Race Massacre Continues

In searching for possible mass graves of those slaughtered by white Tulsans 99 years ago, the noble quest to find where black residents of Greenwood are hidden marches on despite an empty cast into history at Oaklawn cemetery. Researchers worked the Sexton area and now the search will expand to other possible areas.

Some believe the bodies were deposited in the Arkansas river or buried far away in some secret place. The possibilities without hard evidence pointing the way are mind-numbing. However, Tulsa Mayor G.T. Bynum is a man on a mission, and he is to be heralded for this quest befitting a knight.

This is a mystery using modern techniques to find answers to a question that has long haunted Tulsa. We all hope they are successful in their search and the families who lost so many 99 years ago can finally heal.

Racial Reckoning Hits Roadblocks, And Pushback

No one thought the country would suddenly turn into a nation united in racial harmony because of the huge awakening born out of the tragic death of George Floyd. In truth millions of Americans are tired of this nation’s racial misdeeds and treatment of black Americans. From the elimination of mascots and confederate statues, to rethinking the role of police, America stands at the crossroads of change. But not everyone is ready to give up a nation that favors white privilege over people of color. And that resistance is bitter and for now unyielding.

The day President Donald J. Trump took office there were incidents of white Americans who lashed out at people of color in unfettered rage. They evoked Trump’s name to announce their weariness over a civility they felt they no longer were burdened by. That long simmering hatred is still a daily occurrence as phones capture outrageous behavior over people just being black.

Just this week a Ponca City man is facing charges after police say he used several racial slurs at a convenience store manager. This over not being able refill his personal cup because of Covid-19 concerns. William Welch then made a verbal assault so seriously awful and ugly. Besides several uses of the N-word and sexual references to graphic to publish here he finished by saying she should hang like the rest of the n-word. What could possibly elicit so much hatred?

A North Carolina professor who would frequently tweet racist and hateful posts was finally called to the carpet by University of North Carolina for the vile comments. He singled out Muslims, gays, and efforts to fight Covid-19 for his most profane tweets. He planned on retiring but was found this week dead of a self-inflicted gun-shot wound.

Amazon, Google, and Wish have removed racist products after a probe found items like white -supremacist flags, Neo-Nazi books, and Ku Klux Klan products. How did the sale of such insensitive and ugly items become normal?

The Sierra Club and organization not known for racial sensitivity has made some changes regarding its founder John Muir. The club was founded 128 years ago, and Muir held ugly feelings toward blacks and Native Americans who he said were inferior. They will remove monuments to Muir and tell the truth about his racist past.

Amazon and the Sierra Club are to be recognized for embracing a break from the past. But, for those who embrace the hatred born out of white superiority they are facing a nation prepared to change for the good.