From The Desk of Greg Robinson


I am deeply committed to making this city one that I can be proud of, that my family can be proud of, that our little brothers and sisters of all races and ages and backgrounds can be proud of, that our ancestors can be proud of and that those who come after us can be proud of. And so this will be a campaign of WE, this will not be a campaign of me.

I am simply the one standing before us saying that ‘no longer will we accept getting halfway there. No longer will we accept words and not action; so we are taking bold action.

I am calling on all of you in Tulsa who have thought for the longest that your voices didn’t matter, that nothing was ever going to change, that you weren’t good enough, that no one cared about you, that you couldn’t make something of yourself…

I’m calling on all of you to stand with me. I’m calling on all of you to stand with us. I’m calling on all of you who have had an inkling in your stomach to say that, ‘man – I really think something could be different if somebody just had the courage to lead us in a different way’ – I’m calling on you today to say that I have the courage.

And if we are willing to stand together, then I am willing to stand in the front and lead us in a new direction.

And so it is in that spirit that I am proud to announce my candidacy for Mayor of the City of Tulsa.