By: Mariah Ellis


Tulsa artists who wanted to remain anonymous, created a mural with the words “Black Lives Matter” near 11th and Mingo.

The mural is painted across the business at Mad Dog Liquor. The owner clarified that her decision to have the mural was not business related but was inspired to share a powerful message in her community. The owner, Jackie, told said, “I strongly believe that black lives matter and until their lives matter and they have equality in all areas then no lives matter.”

The owner said she asked the artists to create the memorial with the names of several people who faced racial inequalities and police brutality. You’ll see the names of Terence Crutcher, Joshua Barre and Eric Harris among many others.

-Jackie said she wasn’t surprised when the art spread across social media and that not all of the feedback in the comments section was positive. She added, “I think it just reveals who took their hoods off and it reveals where people really stand.” She said social injustice and racial inequality is not only real in our nation, but very real in the Tulsa community. She hopes the message is clear and will inspire positive change.