By Frank Schwab


On Sunday, former Dallas Cowboys receiver Dez Bryant called out three men by name, saying someone should have brought them to the protests in Austin that focused on the Black Lives Matter movement.

He mentioned Jerry and Stephen Jones, the braintrust of the Cowboys. And former Cowboys tight end Jason Witten.

That was curious, considering Bryant didn’t mention any other former teammate or player. When asked how he could read the hearts of those he called out, Bryant said it was based on “personal experiences.”

Witten replied on Monday.

Jason Witten: ‘Let’s unite’

Witten, now with the Las Vegas Raiders, said he tried to call Bryant. He explained his beliefs in a tweet.

Bryant seemed to appreciate the sentiment.

Perhaps we’ll hear more about what caused Bryant to single out Witten among his former teammates. Whatever issue there was seems to have been resolved for the moment.