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Community Announcement

There is a candlelight vigil Sunday night to remember the victims of the 1921 Tulsa Race Massacre. The outdoor remembrance event will begin at 10:30 p.m.  The city, working with PSO, will turn the lights off at the intersection of Greenwood Avenue and Archer Street. At the same time, a video presentation will be played on the scoreboard of ONEOK Field.  The Greenwood Chamber buildings lights will go off on Sunday night at 10:30 pm as we commemorate what happened to the business owners on Greenwood in 1921.  Please prepare for what could be affected by this in your area.  Social distancing is required.  Wearing masks is strongly encouraged.  See the site for more information:  

Greenwood Centre Announcements

Let’s welcome Uncle Earl’s Famous Smoked Turkey Legs and  BBQ, who will officially begin serving Turkey Legs and BBQ with his food truck on Monday, June 1st.  His designated area is the 4 parking lot spaces next to the East Building near the grassy area and the 121 PSO electric pole.  For more information about Uncle Earl’s visit his Facebook page at

Let’s welcome Darant Enterprises, LLC – New Real Estate Agency on Greenwood. Located 2nd Floor, West Building. For more information please contact Darshia Miles at

Cheyenne Boxing Gym is moving to a larger space, CNA School’s former space.  For more information, please visit her website at

Chad Neal Photography is moving to Cheyenne’s former space.  He created the Black Wall Street Music Awards:

Keith Ewing’s Farmers Insurance Agency is now located at 116 N. Greenwood.  For more information, visit his website at 

The Greenwood Chamber is very excited to welcome The Loc Shop on Black Wall Street.  Her grand opening will be on Saturday, June 13th.  Please come and support this new business on Black Wall Street. 103 N. Greenwood. Her website is: