Tamron Hall” on Tuesday (May 12) featured John Boyd, president of the National Black Farmers Association, from his farm in Baskerville, VA.  He shared the many ways the pandemic is affecting him and his livelihood.

“My biggest fear is the possibility that I could lose my land, I could lose my farm,” says Boyd. “The grit in me and the fight in me says that that’s not going to happen. But the picture that’s painted for black farmers and small scale farmers like myself, it’s not a pretty picture.”

Boyd continues, “We need the assistance of the American people to get involved and really take a hard look at what’s happening to small scale farmers. Yes, we have people right now fighting COVID-19 on the front line, nurses and doctors, and we really appreciate their leadership and what they’re doing. But we can’t forget about the people that grow the food in this country.”

Watch below: