By Eagle Newswire ..


Food On The Move is partnering with Tulsa Dream Center and giving out boxes of groceries to those in the community to help out with food during this unprecedented time on Friday, March 20 from 9 a.m. to 1:30 p.m. The boxes are free and filled with non-perishable items, drinks, produce, and meat. It’s a drive-thru giveaway… no one will have to get out of their car, volunteers will bring everything to you. Those who need a little extra help right now can go to the Tulsa Dream Center (200 W. 46th St. N.)

Food On The Move is proud to work with the Tulsa Dream Center and thankful for the work they do in the community!   Kevin Harper the Executive Director of Food On The Move said, “It takes everyone coming together to truly make an impact, and when you can partner with such a great organization as the Tulsa Dream Center miracles happen!” Multiple organizations have sent food to make this a reality including Community Food Bank of Eastern Oklahoma, Go Fresh, Tyson, and so many more!