By B. L. Eikner, guest contributor


On Monday evening, March 2, 2020 the Greenwood District and North Tulsa communities were full of activities as Celebrity Supporters got in their last moments to interact with voters before the National Democratic Primaries open on Tuesday, March 3rd also known as Super Tuesday across the country.

Social Activist, Award winning actor, producer, director, writer Danny Glover along with his friend and comrade of the Peace Movement, former mayor of Berkley, California, Gus Newport made their rounds to media, radio hosts and ended the evening at the Greenwood Cultural Center.

The event at the Greenwood Cultural Center was hosted by Culver Freeman, President of the Greenwood Chamber of Commerce. The purpose was twofold, to campaign for Bernie Sanders candidate for President of the United States and to give voice to citizens of faith, business owners, community activists, educators and those with concerns for the general public and larger community to these two very serious social justice advocates, Glover and Newport.

After providing reasons for his support of Sanders, Danny Glover gave the audience a brief teaching moment on how the Assassination of John F. Kennedy in 1963 moved him into being an active social justice advocate for the poor, those mistreated, the underserved, and not given full rights and access to the benefits of living in America. He reminded us that during the Civil Rights Era only 10% of the Black Churches supported Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr and his movement but Dr. King succeeded.

Gus Newport provided and overview of his professional teaching career and service as former mayor of Berkley, California. He too provided insight into the Sanders agenda. Gus Newport will be receiving the 21st Annual Kahlil Gibran Spirit of Humanity award on March 7 as recognition of his many services rendered to the world for the cause of social justice.

There was a Question & Answer period after both speakers and closing remarks by Josh Visnaw, State Director for Bernie Sanders.