By Alexis Reese


Black History Month typically brings out definitive and proud moments for the Black community and these tiny ballerinas are now adding to the catalog.

A group of Black ballerinas from iRule Dance Studio in Beaumont, Texas are showing off how fierce they can be in a dynamic and fun photoshoot that went viral on Facebook. They young dancers posed in celebration of the historical month that honors the very individuals who have inspired them to become so diligent about the craft that they adore.

“These girls work so hard, and although they don’t complain about it, sometimes we like to do something fun,” said Angela Malson, mother of one of the ballerinas.

With over 14,000 shares and hundreds of uplifting comments, the elite dancers reignited the #BlackGirlMagic hashtag, although we all know that it really never disappeared.

Brandie Perry, who is the owner of Bee Photography and the photographer who captured the heartwarming moment with the girls, posted the image on Facebook on February 10th and captioned it, “fierce, determined, strong” with the hashtag #dancerlife.

The behind-the-scenes video was even more adorable as the little girls could barely hold their poses for three seconds.



CharLee Hanna-Rule, founder and owner of the iRule Dance, told Good Morning America that she welcomes everyone into her studio.

“I’m a big believer that no matter who you are, if you want to dance in my studio, it’s a place for you,” she said. “It doesn’t matter your size or color or anything.”

Could an appearance on Ellen or a meet and greet with American Ballet Theatre principal dancer Misty Copeland be in the future for these girls? Only time will tell, but we can’t wait to see what’s next for these remarkable young women.