By Ethan Hutchins



A popular new church in Bixby is being told to tone down its worship services.

Transformation Church‘s popularity has exploded in recent months.

But are their services too loud?

The church has a two-week deadline to quiet down before the city steps in and takes action.

For those worshiping inside Transformation Church in Bixby, making joyful noise is what the scripture says.

“You read the books of Matthew and Roman, it talks about loving your neighbor and your neighbor right and that’s what we’re asking them to do,” said Phil Frazier.

But outside and directly behind the building, that music is reverberating through these homes and becoming what Phil Frazier calls a nuisance.

It’s a noise complaint that Frazier, the city’s attorney, is working to solve.

“They have two things they need to do, one of two things, one turn the volume down, two fix the building,” said Frazier.

He and the city met with the church last night hoping to find a solution.

But instead passed a noise abatement.

Which gives the church 15 days to quiet the sound.

“We hope they will come forward and turn down the volume, or do something,” said Frazier.

It’s an issue that neighbors who live at the Village at Legacy Park have complained about for months, but when we spoke to them today, no one wanted to go on camera.

In fact, we reached to the HOA over the neighborhood and were told they would not be offering a statement.

“When that noise comes on and you have a cup of coffee sitting on a counter in a neighbors house the water starts doing like this, it’s that much vibration,” said Frazier.

He says last night attorneys for the church recommended building a wall out back, but nothing was set in stone.

Whatever changes the church makes must be done before the 15 days are up or Frazier says the city can intervene.

“We want this church to stay here but turn the volume down,” said Frazier.

We reached out to Transformation Church but they declined to comment.