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We’re excited about what the year 2020 will bring, but we’re most excited about reopening Black Wall Street Gallery in our new location, located at 10 North Greenwood Avenue, diagonally across from our original location.

These past few months have been worthwhile for us because we’ve had time to plan for the new year in order to offer our visitors and supporters amazing art and incredible content. During this time, however, we’ve also faced some challenges with the gallery buildout. As a result, our official reopening has been delayed a bit longer than anticipated.


Our plan now is to launch the Healing Series when we reopen on Friday February 7th. The featured artist will be Shannon Nicole Smith of Oklahoma City. Her show, entitled “Blacklahoma,”will highlight several prominent black Oklahoma pioneers of the 20th century. It’s also Black History Month, so what better way to kick off the second wave of the gallery?

We look forward to continuing what we started with the Conciliation Series. Admission to the reopening is free and doors open at 6pm. If for some reason you cannot attend the reopening, we hope that you’ll spread the word about it and visit us another time. Feel free to share our Facebook event and invite your friends and family.

We’ll post our regular hours and provide updates on Facebook and Instagram so follow us on those social media platforms if you haven’t already. Thank you for your continued support and best wishes this year.

Here’s to healing and unity in 2020!


Neisha T. Ford Photography