By Tyler Butler, KTUL staff

Angela Myrick will tell you she has one of the best jobs in town, as a franchise owner for Frios Popsicles, but just a few days ago, she was considering giving it all up.

“I almost let you get to me to the point that I was willing to close my business because I thought this was the straw that broke the camel’s back, and I wouldn’t be able to recover,” said Myrick.

She’s saying that to the people that stole her trailer. A trailer equipped with two freezers, a flat-screen TV, a digital cash register, and more. You can see it being taken away in her neighbor’s security cam video, but she’s not giving up; she’s trying to get her trailer back.

“I just want people to know what happened. I don’t know whether I’ll recover that trailer. I am offering a reward if it is returned to me, intact, not damaged,” she said.

That reward is $2,500. Without the trailer, her only way to get out in the community is with a cumbersome cart. In addition to the pushcart, she also has a storefront at 105 North Greenwood, but that trailer really made a difference. Instead of waiting for customers to come to her during big events, she could go to them.

“Having the trailer and being able to hitch it to my car and drive it to wherever I went, even the fair, was very beneficial and helpful,” Myrick said.

She’s keeping her chin up, and as a service to the community, she’s offering an even higher reward as well.

“If these people are caught and arrested, I will even raise that award to $5,000,” she said.

Her thinking is if they stole from her, they’ve stolen from others. She wants to get them off the street so honest business owners don’t have to worry about potentially losing their livelihood in the time it takes to hook up a trailer. Anyone with information on where the trailer is or who stole it is asked to call the police. Myrick has filed a police report.