By Victor Trammell


When actress Gabrielle Union (pictured right) recently got fired from her TV gig as a judge on NBC’s America’s Got Talent (AGT), speculative whispers around Hollywood emerged, which suggested plausible reasons for Union’s exit.

Initially, Union took the high road, got busy on other lucrative ventures she has lined up, and took to social media to express how grateful she was for the support that came from her fellow celebrities, fans, and family alike. Inserting Union into AGT’s panel of TV competition judges was a good idea. Viewership increased once the lovely film star came onboard.

One of the first things to come out in the wash was claims that Union became a problem for the front office. Apparently, AGT’s senior management wigs uncomfortably disagreed with Union on some critical complaints of hers. According to a number of media reports, Union was reportedly very outspoken with her superiors about what she felt was a toxic AGT workplace.

Constant sexism and racism were the main ignitors in the figurative powder keg that was on the TV show’s set. Eventually, Simon Cowell (pictured left), AGT’s executive producer, had his name come up in an unsavory fashion. Cowell allegedly behaved like a racist and chauvinist pig, according to Union.

Remembering Cowell’s often stern and rude behavior on-air in the past as a former American Idol judge actually makes Union’s claims about him believable. Even former nighttime talk show host Jay Leno’s name came up in the worst way as well.

Then on or before December 7, an NBC-sponsored meeting was called in an attempt to remedy the situation between Union and Cowell. Prior to the recent meeting, allegations against the executive were denied via a statement released by Syco Entertainment, Cowell’s company. This is also the company that produces AGT’s shows for NBC’s viewing audience.

It is also worth noting that an independent investigation of AGT by the television network has been launched. Those who are leading this probe are seriously looking into the matters, which Union vehemently claims are true.

However, at some point around the tail end of this five-hour, mediator-equipped meeting between Union and Cowell, the fired TV judge sharply told her former boss she would consider legally going after Syco Entertainment in court.

In response to Union’s expression of her intent to pursue active litigation, Cowell wasted no time when it came to adding a new gun to his legal arsenal.

According to Variety Magazine, Cowell will be legally represented by Larry Stein, a high-powered entertainment attorney who is known to Hollywood’s wealthy elite. A statement expressing hope was released to the press by NBC after its attempt to provide mediation between Union and Cowell.

The statement indicated that realistic potential exists for a positive solution to work itself out in this case. It appears as though NBC’s rosy predictions are not rooted in reality.

Union’s allegations are extremely serious and hopefully, her testimony will uncover a wide array of more injustices being carried out in Hollywood on the basis of gender and race.