By Victor Trammell


Music megastar Beyoncé (pictured) has been quiet on the album production and touring tip as of late.

The 38-year-old Grammy Award-winning singer and performer did very well this past spring with her Netflix-distributed Homecoming documentary. According to Forbes Magazine, Nielsen published Beyoncé’s first-day streaming numbers and they were absolutely outstanding. A record-breaking 1.1 million viewers streamed Homecoming the first day it was released.

Beyoncé’s three-project, $60 million dollar deal with Netflix was unique because it gave her full creative control. The “Party” hitmaker will be hands-on with everything, including the writing, production, and directing of all three films.

That is why Bloomberg’s article headline about the eight-figure deal was the most accurate; Netflix was blessed with a deal to work with Beyoncé and not the other way around.

Though the star is not currently on tour, it is quite plausible to surmise that the next time she does embark on such a venture, she will be ready for the bank vault when it is all said and done. She may even need a bigger vault. Forbes also reported in another recent article that the average price of a Beyoncé concert ticket is around $300 dollars.

Multiply that number by the millions of fans she has that come to see her perform from all over the world. You will have a guaranteed winner that is of epic proportion, and that’s not hyperbolic. Her Formation World Tour alone grossed a whopping $256 million dollars. Recently, Business Insider clocked her estimated net worth at $400 million.

Nonetheless, any future plans of another world tour by Beyoncé will definitely shoot her net worth up toward much higher numbers than that.

However, when it comes to 2019, the former Destiny’s Child frontwoman is still not done. It appears that the Queen of the Beyhive has something great in store for enthusiasts just in time for Christmas. According to the New York Post, the world-class entertainer has just released a holiday-inspired line of merchandise for her fans and non-fans alike.

Buy your first piece or pieces of Beyoncé’s holiday merchandise here.