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Michael DeVine’s latest book is a gripping, plausible thriller influenced by real corporate security and private Bodyguarding tragedies, but with a twist. He’s a hip hop church pastor today who had a good time even though his own personal life was taking serious hits and blows.

Written during the death of R&B singer Aaliyah’s death, and a couple of years later, DeVine a Oklahoma CLEET licensed Armed Security/ Bodyguard, educator and Christian minister returns on prison release from lock up behind the fence to the streets, schools and Prisons to offer encouragement to communities who are facing the avalanche of crime, prison incarcerations and hopelessness, sharing hope and telling his own story few have never known about.

As a blessed brother, DeVine gives a look into a part of the celebrity world most of us know very little about. Consequently, a fast-paced must read with a heart-wrenching twist with top of the line packaging with silver-screen potential.