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Dr. Bertrand M. Bailey,Sr is gone but not forgotten.  Dr. Bailey was the Senior Pastor of St. Andrew Missionary Baptist Church for 38 years and led thousands of people to saving faith in Jesus Christ.  Hundreds of couples were married, thousands of families received financial help, thousands of children were mentored and taught, and residents of North Tulsa were loved through the ministry of Dr. Bertrand M. Bailey, Sr.

He was not only a local pastor but a nationally renowned preacher, who at the pinnacle of his ministry would average over 40 revivals a year and also held high offices in the National Baptist Convention USA, Inc.



Family and friends of Dr. Bailey want to keep his name alive by putting on the first “Dr. Bertrand M. Bailey, Sr. Memorial Concert”. As long as we say a person’s name they will live on in our hearts and minds. The concert will be held at Friendship Church, 1709 North Madison Ave, Tulsa, Ok 74106; Pastor Jamal Dyer, on Friday, November 1st, 2019. The concert begins at 7:00pm with a Balloon release, and the service from 7:30pm – 9:30pm and will include three sons and one daughter of Dr. Bailey:  Bertrand M. Bailey, Jr., Bertrick Bailey, BerThaddeus Bailey and Bertshalyn Bailey. Also performing will be a Dr. Bertrand M. Bailey, Sr Reunion choir in which anyone who has ever sung in one of the choirs at St. Andrew can participate.

November 1st, 2019 the city will also help celebrate the woman who shared in ministry with Dr. Bertrand Bailey, Sr at St. Andrew Missionary Baptist Church for 38 years, Juandalyn Joan Bailey. November 12th she will turn 65 so we will celebrate her 65th birthday in advance on the day of the concert.

The concert is free to the public and Dr. Bailey’s family and friends look forward to seeing you there.