What are Dr. Washington’s Specialties?

SPECIALTY Psychiatry

Dr. Washington provides confidential services at optimal times to meet the needs of the busy professional. While the majority of the visits occur via a HIPAA compliant portal, the option for office visits is available. While we would love for mental health treatment to be free of stigma, at Elocin Psychiatric Services we understand that seeking services can be a difficult decision to make. We understand that can be even more of a problem for someone who is in the public eye or could be recognized while seeking services. We guarantee you the utmost in privacy and consider it a privilege to provide your mental health care.



Whether you are in need of pharmacological management, psychotherapy, or a combination, we can help you deal with any untreated mental health disorders all in efforts to improve your overall functioning and quality of life. At Elocin Psychiatric Services, we also provide brief therapies for those in need of services related to brief life or occupational stressors. This can be a physician dealing with a bad outcome or malpractice case, a C-suite executive dealing with a budget crisis, or an attorney dealing with a difficult trial.



Currently, Dr. Washington is only licensed in the state of Oklahoma and can only provide telemedicine services to those who are in the state of Oklahoma. If you live in a surrounding state, stay tuned! She has licenses pending in surrounding states and these announcements will be made as they are obtained.

For general information or to learn more about the practice, please email info@elocinpsychiatricservices.com.

Dr. Washington’s Location

7633 E. 63rd Place Ste 300 Tulsa OK 74133