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Blacktech Weekend will be hosting a multi-day conference to support Tulsa’s entrepreneurship community in finding funding opportunities in tech and helping local businesses become more tech enabled. 


Blacktech Weekend, an ecosystem-building summit, is pleased to announce its upcoming tour stop in Tulsa, Oklahoma. Blacktech Weekend Tulsa is scheduled to take place on November 14th -16th at 36 Degrees North. The conference, whose past partners include Samsung, Barclays, AT&T and Techstars, will focus on celebrating and educating entrepreneurs and tech professionals of color about the vast opportunities in the tech industry and entrepreneurship.

As Tulsa (and Oklahoma) continue to expand their footprint in the tech industry, educating black entrepreneurs on what it means to use tech to accelerate growth is a key focus for the Tulsa stop. “Tech is an opportunity to create a pathway to wealth not just for young people learning to code but also for entrepreneurs to build solutions that allow them to rapidly scale,” says Blacktech Week founder, Felecia Hatcher. “We have to increase the way the black community is valued within the innovation economy and equip that same community with all the tools, training, funding, support, mentorship and access that allows them to continue to add value within the innovation economy.” With technology being integrated into every industry, large and small, it is important for the black community to understand that tech isn’t just about coding and startups, its economically transformational.

In addition to focusing on tech, Blacktech Weekend Tulsa will also highlight entrepreneurship. Not only does Tulsa have a rich history of African American entrepreneurship through the history Black Wall Street and the Historic Greenwood District, it has also racked up several national rankings as a top city for entrepreneurs. Through their local partnership with the George Kaiser Family Foundation, Blacktech Week organizers want to be able to continue cultivating black entrepreneurship growth in Tulsa.

Blacktech Weekend partners with founders, investors, corporations, and the community to create a valuable multi-day national experience for investors, entrepreneurs, and techies of every kind. So it should be no surprise that Blacktech Weekend Tulsa will be a fully packed day featuring local and national speakers in the tech industry and entrepreneurs, their signature VC in Residency program, a pitch competition in partnership with Black Girl Ventures and a networking mixer.. Keynoting the conference will be Jewel Burkes startup founder who raised $2MM in seed funding, Candice & Brian Brackeen, founders of Lighthouse and Monique Adlett-Mosley, managing partner at Reign Venture Capital. The schedule includes topics ranging from “Future of Work” to how to raise your first million.

Tickets for Blacktech Weekend Tulsa are available now on Eventbrite at For more information on Blacktech Weekend and Blacktech Weekend Tulsa, please visit To partner with or sponsor Blacktech Weekend Tulsa, contact event organizer, Denayja Reese at denayja@gwtlp.comor 415-400-6492.