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The road less traveled is narrow and straight. Although there are distractions masked as opportunities to veer left or right, it is the path less traveled that leads to purpose. Michael Devine is committed to walking the straight path of purpose. One might think his past is one of dueling realities – rap and righteousness, Scriptures and the streets. That could not be farther from the case. The work and ministry of Michael Devine is where destitution and divinity meet, and transformation is experienced.

“Miami” Mike and the Hip Hop Preacha are the same man in different seasons. It was in his hometown of Miami, Florida that Mike found his flow. Running with M.C. Shy-D and 2-Live Crew helped to hone his rap abilities. However, it was under the teaching of Dr. Tony Evans at the Oak Bible Fellowship Church in Dallas, Texas that his calling became known. In the years to follow, a blueprint began to take shape for how to merge the message of the Gospel with the music genre of rap. Michael Devine was on the front lines of this emerging music hybrid and continues to be a recognized voice.

Whether speaking internationally or serving locally, Mike Devine proudly proclaims the Word of Truth over banging beats. Today, Mr. Devine is a performer, public speaker, advocate for the homeless, and an entrepreneur. The most recent of his 7 business ventures is the launch of Sho Nuff Tuff DJ’s & Entertainment, whose company mission is to deliver quality events that benefit the homeless and provide professional production and sound services.

For more information on planning your next event, contact S.N.T. at (918) 527-9518 to feel the power!