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Ms. Candice Nyan passed away on March 23, 2018. She lost her life to breast cancer at the age of 31.

Her mother, Mrs. Gloria Nyan, is hosting the third annual Young Breast Cancer Survivors program in her daughter’s memory. The event is scheduled for Oct. 11, 5:30 p.m. – 10 p.m. at the Greenwood Cultural Center, 322 N. Greenwood Ave. Jerry Goodwin will be the master of ceremonies.

Ms. Nyan said, “We must live each day as if it was our last and (if you are a women) if any lumps show up in your body, go get checked immediately.”

Research proves that if the cancer is detected early, then you can increase the likelihood of surviving it if you can remove it before it spreads.

The daughter was a member of The Soulful Survivors”, a group whose mission is to educate and support African American women who have breast cancer or have survived breast cancer. The group shares its members’ testimonies to help others, but especially its goal is to encourage women to get check ups on a regular basis.

Even though Ms. Nyan was a member of organizations that advocated research and support for breast cancer, she formed a nonprofit, Young Black Survivors, to offer more support to women battling breast cancer.

She was able to receive assistance from a number of individuals and community groups, such as The Soulful Survivors and her sorority, Alpha Kappa Alpha.

In 2016, Nyan opened the Pink Rose Boutique in the Greenwood Business District. At that time, she was in Stage 4 of her battle with cancer. Having received a master’s degree in business management, she began her business to support her causes.

Her advice to others is, “The sooner you go to the doctor to get help, the better off you are because I know I didn’t start at Stage 4. It just got worse because I was afraid. I was scared to find out that it was something that would be detrimental to my life.”

The program is free to the public to attend. For more information, call (424) 653-7153.