By J. Kavin Ross

Eagle Photojournalist


Proposed $25 million design of the new history center where the Greenwood Cultural Center parking lot now sits. (Image provide)



The Tulsa Race Massacre Centennial Commission held a public meeting recently about the new history center to be built on North Greenwood Avenue last Thursday evening. The program was held at the historic Carver Middle School. The community was informed as well as providing input on what would be a part of a $25 million dollar endeavor.

During the interior and layout review members of the design committee, which included Jake Barton, and L’Rai Arthur-Mensah both of the company Local Projects, the Black Wall Street history center will provide a detailed account of Greenwood’s humble beginnings, its prominence during the roaring twenties, the destruction in 1921,and its numerous renaissances, which kept the Greenwood spirit alive decade after decade.

The facility is projected to be state-of the-art, and interactive with visitors to the museum. Others who also served on the committee were Mechelle Brown, Greenwood Cultural Center; Rueben Gant, John Hope Franklin Reconciliation Center; Phil Armstrong, 2021 project director, and lead curator, Hannibal Johnson.

The initial cost of the facility was projected to be $16 million. However, after public input from the commission’s public meeting in May, the projected cost rose to $25 million. The projected time of construction is slated for the 100-year anniversary of the Tulsa Race Massacre in 2021.

The plans attendance was diverse and had numerous comments from the KKK robe and memorabilia being on display, and its acknowledgment on Tulsa’s mass graves from the massacre of 1921.