From The Desk of Regina T. Goodwin



Ellis Walker Woods Memorial Dedication in honor of founding Principal of Booker T. Washington High School , 1913-1948 Ironic, Ellis served approx.36 years, same precious span of time it took to raise monies and have the monuments erected.



Mrs. Captola Dunn patiently worked to see her late husband Mr. Al Dunn’s dream realized. Mr. Julius Pegues and generous others also raised funds to complete the project. OSU-Tulsa, is the present site where Booker T. Washington High School was once located. Pres. Fry /OSU Tulsa is custodian of the property.



Woods WALKED 500 miles from Memphis to Oklahoma , in a legally segregated America, for a teaching opportunity at a black school. Blessed to see my family members who were students during the tenure of Principal Woods and BTW grads also memorialized, Grandfather Edward Lawrence Goodwin Sr. -Atty. /Publisher, Great Aunt, Anna Goodwin Carroll- Social Worker , Aunt Edwyna Goodwin Dones Anderson- Attorney, and Aunt Jo Ann Goodwin Fields Gilford- Educator .



I’m so glad, I went to Booker T.!!! Sing It 🎵 🎶 🎶!