By Fred L. Jones, Jr.

Eagle Staff Writer


As the 2019 school year approaches Monroe Demonstration Academy is gearing up and needs the support of the Tulsa north men of color and community volunteers. With the ever-increasing lack of support for public education the people of Tulsa north need to stand-up and support Monroe Demonstrational School as the enrollment increases from 300 to 1000 students.

This educational institution which is located in the heart of the northside of Tulsa, will have a vast amount of influence in the students it produces, who are the future leaders of the area in which they are educated.

When young men see men, they act and walk a different way, when young men are around positive and influential men they respect and receive encouragement in a positive and powerful way.

Diversity Philanthropist Nancy McDonald who has been mentoring administrators, teachers and Tulsa Public School (TPS) students for over 50 years stated, “Congratulations to the members of the Northside Task Force, chaired by Rev. Potter and Rev. Chambers.  The Task Force was charged to address the declining enrollment at the McLain Seventh Grade Academy but broaden their study to include the entire McLain Attendance Zone.  The task force submitted to the Tulsa Public Schools Board of Education and Dr. Gist a long list of recommendations and all were supported with the exception of closing the Gilcrease Building and moving the student body to the former Houston Elementary School, later named the Bunche ECDC.”

McDonald further stated, “All sixth graders, plus seventh and eighth graders in the McLain Attendance Zone, will have the opportunity to enroll in the exciting new Monroe Demonstration Academy. The school will offer the students an enriched curriculum, a comprehensive afterschool program, a broad array of athletic programs and participation in the micro society. A premier faculty has been assembled and the Leadership Team is committed to the task.  I encourage parents to consider Monroe Demonstration Academy.  It will be a premier middle school in Tulsa Public Schools.”

Jamaal Dyer, Student Success Coordinator for TPS, stated, “I believe it’s extremely important for our community to be highly involved and heavily invested in the students and staff at Monroe Demonstration Academy. As a community, we can serve the school in multiple ways and we should provide support for our students year-round. When students have strong, supportive relationships with caring adults it makes a significant impact in a child’s social, emotional, academic and personal success. It takes a village and our children need our support.”

Keith Miller of Tulsa’s 100 Black Men is campaigning for 100 men of color to welcome the students to class on the morning of the 1st day of class which is August 21st he stated, “With 100 Black Men of Tulsa, Inc. and the collaborative efforts of other community organizations. We will strive to be a resource for volunteers in assisting students in the fundamental education process. We start day one. We are excited for the gathering of 100 Men at Monroe Demonstration Academy on August 21st at 7 in the morning. Bring signs and noisemakers, balloons and smiling faces with firm handshakes. Bring positive enthusiasm. Bring school and office supplies. Feel free to contact me to be a part of this monumental moment in the lives of these incredible students 918-520-5115.”

For more information on upcoming Monroe Demonstration Events logon to or contact the school at 918-833-8900.