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The August installment at the Black Wall Street Gallery, a subsidiary of Black Wall Street Arts, which opens Friday, Aug 2,, features Tulsa artists Melody Allen and  Julianne Clark.

Doors open at 6 p.m. for the 12th installment  in the Conciliation Series at the Black Wall Street Gallery, 101 N. Greenwood Ave.The Black Wall Street Arts mission is to create platforms, grant access, and bridge the racial gap in Tulsa.

The Conciliaton Series is Black Wall Street Arts’ first exhibiton and will be followed by The Healing Series featuring artists from Oklahoma and neighboring states. The Healing Series will open Oct. 4. The Conciliation Series will conclude in September with an installment featuring many of the artists who showed their work at the gallery in the last year.

Artistic director Dr. Ricco Wright said “conciliation” suggests mediating between parties at odds with one another. It also allows space for acknowledgment, apology, and reparation.

“The Conciliation Series seeks to generate positive relations between, primarily, Tulsa’s black and white communities. Our shared history evidences the imperative of working collaboratively toward amicable, productive, and sustainable engagement,” he said.

This twelve-month series will pair black and white artists of various media to build personal and group relationships that cultivate meaningful, lasting bonds.




September 2018: Alexander Tamahn and JP Morrison Lans

October 2018: Monarch Jones and Andrea Martin

November 2018: Diamond Walker and Laura Elisabeth Voth

December 2018: Abdallah Alislam and Frida Cornelio

January 2019: Elizabeth Feahther Henley and Nicole Donis

February 2019 : Christina Henley and Western Doughty

March 2019: Stacie Monday and Marjorie Atwood

April 2019 : nosamyrag and Austin Gober

May 2019: MOLLYWATTA and Matt Phipps

June 2019 : Tailynn Tindall and Taylor Painter-Wolfe

July 2019 : Boomintree and Cheyenne Butcher

August 2019 : Melody Allen and Julianne Clark