ASAP Rocky’s current legal situation in Sweden is not ideal for a variety of obvious reasons, and one of them is that he is missing out on the opportunity to make a living. A couple weeks ago, the rapper was forced to cut his European tour short, with his management saying at the time, “ASAP Rocky is being detained in a Swedish jail for an unknown period of time for acting in self-defense during an altercation that took place. Due to this unfortunate situation he is forced to cancel his European festival and tour dates in July.”

This amounts to some significant lost income, and it turns out that Sweden may pay up if Rocky is cleared or found not guilty. TMZ reports that according to Swedish law, if somebody is charged with a crime and ultimately wins the case, the country may pay the defendant for money lost as a result of their incarceration and trial. The publication estimates that Rocky is paid about $100,000 per concert, and that he could be entitled to over $2 million overall. However, the Swedish law in question specifically says “may,” so the country may try to avoid a big payout.

Meanwhile, Sweden’s prime minister recently got on the phone with Donald Trump, and during the call, he “underlined that in Sweden everyone is equal before the law and that the government cannot and will not attempt to influence the legal proceedings.”