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Tulsa,OK- “We’ve done exactly what we set out to do,wanted to do, and said what we felt,” said,Oklahoma Thunder massive Offensive Tackle Brandon Brown. I know sometimes my voice is louder, but everybody is in this together. We’re such a proud and strong and defiant group of men.”

The Oklahoma Thunder won its record fourth National title Gridiron Bowl IX, and three peated, in 2018 beating the Middle Tennessee Bulldawgs  29-15 on a hot and muggy Saturday night in Birmingham,Alabama.

“Getting to play in the top minor professional league in the country the (GDFL) and to do it with the team we have is just ridiculous.

But to be able to compete with my teammates on the field and back up all of our words with performances and to back up those performances with positive results, it’s just incredible,” Brown said. “I feel like this team is in the midst of another run and we are on a quest to 4-peat in the top league in the country and it’s an incredible feeling.”


The GDFL national playoffs begins on Saturday July 20th when the (7-1) reigning GDFL National Champions Oklahoma Thunder of Tulsa, Oklahoma will host the (4-4) Joplin Crusaders of the great state of Missouri representing the city of Joplin.

Joplin is not a new comer to this game,they have over 20 years of experience on the minor league level. Their trophy case is filled with 8 championships trophy’s from previous leagues. In 2019 the Joplin Crusaders decided to raise their competition level by joining the GDFL.

They opened their inaugural season with an impressive victory over the Memphis Blast it seemed, they would fit in perfectly then came obstacles with 4 division losses.The Crusaders playoff hopes where slim and they needed help to make it in.

Help came from the very same team they defeated earlier in the season the Memphis Blast getting a victory over the Texas Raiders.“It’s been a up and down season, we are just excited to get the opportunity to compete for another national title,”said Sam Sturgis of the Joplin Crusaders.

In order for that to happen they will have to defeat the reigning National Champions and the 2019 Impact North Division Champions, The Oklahoma Thunder !


Joplin Crusaders vs Oklahoma Thunder