Black Little Mermaid Told To Stay In Her Lane By White Twitter

Subjects in this space are usually reserved for serious discussion on social matters and Disney cartoons rarely come up as points of controversy. But in today’s ultra-sensitive or ultra-hostile world almost anything can blow up to mini disasters on social media. Such is the case of Disney rolling out their newest production of Little Mermaid that has the temerity to have a black character play the popular character. The announcement created a twitter storm that pitted white anger against the unsavory diversity position. Their anger certainly shows us the day.

Despite the fact the there is no such thing as mermaids, and it is a pixel created cartoon it will be voiced by African American singer Halle Bailey. Not Halle Berry of movie fame but one half of the musical duo Chloe x Halle. White twitter broke down in tears and fits of indignant rage over the change. Of course, not all white twitter came undone over the harmless change. But the hashtag #NotMyAriel crowd was overcome with self-righteous anger over the cartoon. They were silent with cops shooting unarmed black teens and caging babies on the border.

Not my Ariel is a fascinating way of looking at this mini catastrophe and the implied ownership over a mythical character. Couldn’t help but think of President Donald Trump’s oft use phrase of my army, my police force, our military and so on. Ownership over history and images seem to be fair game for some in White America.

As America once again wrestles with its feelings over race and diversity; the problem seems to be people of color seek progress but stay in your dedicated lane. Diversity is seen as hostile by some who see any sharing of opportunity as deprivation for the majority. There is an element of truth that diversity does mean those who have had to stay on the outside looking in will take the place of the majority in small measure. If we are truly embracing the concept of being created equal, change will mean new opportunities at the expense of the privileged. However, some of the most excited should simmer down, White America still dominates entertainment from management to performers. That super majority is not going to change with the use of dark pixels for one cartoon.

White America was perfectly fine to play Jesus, Moses, Michael Jackson, Othello, Simba, the Prince of Persia, Ramses, Tonto, Geronimo and Sitting Bull. Can’t undo what was done, however it should be alright for Disney to say a harmless cartoon character can be black.

Racist Census Questions Par For Trump Policies

President Donald J. Trump has made no secret for his hatred for immigrants of Hispanic descent. So loathsome is his position he is still pushing for a medieval wall to divide Mexico and the United States to keep hungry and desperate neighbors from entering America. Trump and staffer Steven Miller have gambled that they will break the spirit of our southern neighbors running from death squads and grinding poverty from entering the United States. Caging babies wasn’t enough, now they are keeping them in small pens as reports of abuse continue to become public allegedly at the hands of border guards.

This has been music to the ears of many of his followers who are comfortable with the horrific conditions on our southern border. It is red meat for them even if many of the vile policies have been defeated in courts. Now Trump wants to maintain the climate of fear by insisting on the 2020 Census include a question on citizenship. Latino citizens legal and new to this country are worried the information will be used to seek households for deportation. This will create an undercount and it will affect program funding and congressional seats. It’s all but certain the prospect of the question is already having a chilling effect on Hispanic participation in the census.

The Commerce Department who is responsible for the implementation of the Census and following Trump’s desire to stunt Hispanic participation in election was moving ahead to insert the citizenship question. They were sued and lost at the district court level. The case ended up in the Supreme Court said the administration failed to show a strong reason for the question. At the time of the decision it was learned a former Trump official theorized the citizenship question would stunt Hispanic voters. The high court said the administration could later present the court with stronger reasons for the inclusion of the controversial question on citizenship. That would take time and it is not certain there is a reason or that it could be decided in time to print the 150 million questionnaires. No matter, the reason for turning up the heat is for politics. Trump voters need to know the President didn’t give up. Trump continues to try and destroy Obamacare and other progressive vestiges of the previous administration.

Mahatma Gandhi once said all tyrannies end, always. America has never been so evil or lost its way more than today. Hopefully after we hit rock bottom, the road will be clear; we can never repeat the mistake of not voting and allowing racist oligarchs take over the American government.

Biden Past Racial Policies Debated And Defended

To be honest, former Vice-President Joe Biden was a product of the day when he opposed forced busing when he was a young senator from Delaware. His record has improved since then and is shows a positive evolution regarding race relations. Senator Kamala Harris raked him over the coals for his former positions at the debate and the Biden campaign has been in defense mode ever sense.

Biden was caught off guard at the debate when the question came up and seemed unprepared on how to respond. Today his current position is that was then, and this is now. As he made that pitch in South Carolina it was largely well received.

This isn’t an endorsement of Biden or criticism of Harris, however, views long changed should have no place in this campaign unless there is evidence it isn’t legitimate. If we personally allow ourselves to evolve, that same grace should be given to others.